September 16, 2008

Graham says I complain too much

Graham says I complain too much

Ok, so maybe I do complain a bit too much but geesshhh I am not looking for anyone to solve my problems, I just am saying what I am feeling. It is way too HOT and my back hurts from the new pillow and my throat hurts from who knows what and even though the water tastes great I worry that it might not be good to drink and there are huge strange caterpillars I keep finding on the walls and I spotted a cockroach next to the bed yesterday and did I mention that it is crazy HOT here.

I am trying to adjust and we are getting into a routine. Today was day one of homeschooling. It went pretty well....ok, to be totally honest, we had a few moments of tension. We all need to get use to each other's styles and the kids have to realize that we won't always just know the answer, that we need to work it out together and we need to realize that not everything they do will be A+ work. We will get there I am sure but day one was a little stressful. At one point Alex was looking at me and I swear if I could have read his mind he would have been punished for a year!

During the day Graham bought me a pile of wet laundry that needed to go out on the clothes line. I was at the table schooling with the kids and I looked at him in shock. I thought I would refrain from fighting in front of the kids and we went to the laundry room and I asked him why the heck he couldn't hang the clothes on the line...? He said that in this country men had roles and women had roles and that we should respect this and that if we didn't we might be viewed a bit differently by our neighbors. I didn't have the energy to fight about it (cause did I mention how HOT it is) so I took the laundry and hung it up. Given that Graham actually washed all the clothes, made breakfast and lunch and had swept the floor, I didn't think I had much of an argument! Dad and Cheryl decided to stay in Grenada for awhile longer, so this is great. It feels so much more normal with them nearby. We had a really good time staying on their boat and Grandpa Griff is a big kid, so the kids love it. Dad and Cheryl have both really embraced Grenada and they know about everything here, from buses to doctors. Dad also went and talked to customs about our things that we took off his boat and he sorted it all out with them. Thank goodness!

So remember my favorite saying...."Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it".....I am thinking I might need to spit some out!

I will get the kids to write the next couple of blogs.



  1. a. Pillows go under your head, not your back.

    b. You'll do the laundry and you'll like it!!

    c. haha

    The next time you feel like complaining, think of me sitting here at my desk like a shlub wishing I was down there with you guys:)

  2. OMG I can totally see Graham feeding you the line about following the rules and the woman hanging out the laundry.....what I can't see is you doing it without a fight. It must be filthy stinking hot there! So why is it you don't buy an air conditioner??

    Oh and relax on the homeschooling will ya! Our homeschooling yesterday consisted of practising piano in the morning and spending the afternoon at the river with friends.....relax, explore Grenada.

  3. I think structure in your home schooling is good. Espiecially considering they went to school last year. Cartoons and a nap might be too drastic a change.

    It is about time you take on some of the stero typical women's work. Poor Graham cooks every meal!

    Splurge and get an air conditioner - you will be happier!

  4. Buy an Air conditioner! It was hot here too almost 25 today. Loved the women's work story, too funny. It must be scary, all the change, relax and watch Reba.
    Love you

  5. I have an idea why not let Graham home school and you do the womens work. Believe me you will come to love doing laundry and hanging it out. I do it every day. Plus cooking is fun!! Think of all the possibilites with all those fruit trees.

    I know how you feel about the heat. Our humid X was 33 all weekend and you just feel like you cant breath and you feel irritable.
    Does it cool down at night time?


  6. OK Team Grenada - it's TGIF for the kids and Julie you don't have to hang out the laundrey for the next two days!

    It's been sunny and in the high teens here in To.................


  7. hahahahah. Go Graham. Good comeback bro. Relax and enjoy Julie. Catipillars turn into butterflies remember.

  8. haha, I think that is great! Don't want to be looked at funny by the locals! Need to adjust to the new culture!