September 19, 2008

Our last month in Toronto

(We were so busy in TO that I didn't get a chance to write about our final month. I need to regress for just one post, so I don't forget this chapter in the adventure.)

We spent our last month in Toronto, living at my brother Robs. He lives right next to the Royal York Hotel and across from the Union Station. It couldn't of been a more perfect location, right in the heart of TO for our final month.

For those of you who don't know Rob he is my little brother. He is 11 months younger than me. I taught him how to crawl, walk and climb out of his crib. We were and still are best friends. We grew up building forts together and playing hide and go seek. I can't tell you how many times I told myself when we were kids to never speak to Rob again. No one could get me as angry as Rob could get me. We are both stubborn 100%. It would never fail though....a couple of hours later we would be out playing again...and so the cycle would continue and still continues to this day!

When Graham and I made this new plan to leave in May and come back and live/work in Toronto for August, the only missing piece was where were we going to stay. Rob didn't even hestitate, he said of course we would stay with him. A family of four moving into his two bedroom condo. Rob is the most generous person I know. He has made sure that our family has remained close over the years. Rob has planned and paid for holidays ranging from Houseboating on the shuswap, to Disneyland, to a motorhome!

This month with him was really good. We ate like kings and caught some movies, we played Rockband way too much, we got addicted to Entourage, we went for lunch, we talked, and we laughed. We hardly noticed that the four of us were sleeping in a 9*9 size room!

I also got to spend a month at work, with people I love hanging out with. I should of been paying them. I miss it already.

We had a really nice send off in Rob's party room. Yet another good bye party. Our family from Kingston even made it down (thanks Theresa, Brian and Alan!).

Toronto was 100 times better than I ever could of imagined when we first moved there. I can't help but think about all we wouldn't of seen, if we had stayed in Alberta and hadn’t swallowed our fear and made the move. All the people and experiences we would of missed out on.

I am hoping that someday I can reflect on our time here in Grenada the same way but for now we are at the beginning and each adventure begins the same way...with a bit of fear, trepidation, anxiety and of course....EXCITEMENT! internet yet!


  1. Yes, I know Rob too. He is a great guy!

  2. At Uncle Rob's house we did lots of stuff. We went up to the roof every day. We took walks, biked and had the best party ever. Let me tell you about it. WE all did the best party planning. Dad made doubles and crepes and bought samosas. Theresa brought appetizers. My favorite part was the pineapple filled with strawberries. I was the bartender. My favorite drink I made was mojitos. Two days after the party we left. Uncle Rob drove us to the airport. He's an awesome Uncle.

  3. The food was great and Millie you did a fantastic job on the spring rolls. also being the bartender haha!Graham was slaving away in the kitchen and the doubles were great! I actually loved the smell of the chick peas simmering!

    As for Rob he has a heart of gold. Not enough good words could be spoken about him. He is one of a kind and extremely generous.

    I remember a time when he bought me my first digital camera and web camera. There was no occasion he just bought it and brought it to Inverary when he came for a visit.

    I can remember being so happy and extremely grateful. Thanks again Rob. But that wasnt the only time he showed his generosity. He took my girls to Toronto and showed them the town. A time I am sure they will never forget. Putting them up in the Royal York Hotel.

    There are probably a list an arm long of good things this guy has done. Your the best ROB!!