February 22, 2011

We are all ok

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your emails. We are all ok in Twizel, New Zealand. Luckily we had decided to hang back another day and we avoided the Christchurch earthquake. We are heading today to Kaikoura which is past Christchurch. The earthquake was only felt a bit here in Twizel. We actually didn't even feel it but the librarian where we were at did. We all listened along as the news came in. The librarian had 2 grown kids in Christchurch and we awaited their phone calls. Luckily they were both safe but it sounds like it was even worse than the one they had in September. Roger, Judith and Cathy left town at about 10am and they weren't planning on giving Christchurch a miss, so they should also be ok. We hope to catch up to them today.

Thanks again everyone for checking in on us. We most definitely feel loved.

Julie, Graham, Alex and Amelia....safe and sound in New Zealand


  1. The pictures last night on the news were devasting. Thank god u hung back and werent there when it happened. Now u have to be careful of after shocks. Stay safe and when are u all arriving home?

  2. Graham called today but i was at the vet with the dog. Jayden said the number was on the phone, but the number said unavailable. I dont have the number so Graham can you call me again or i will also turn on scype...

  3. um yes, disregard that last message. Jayden got it confused and apparently it was Geoff who called.