February 07, 2011

Someone's been sleeping in my bed...

"Which bed's do you think they are sleeping in?"....I wake up Graham at 4 am to ask him.

This is our first night with the new owners in possession of Artemo. This is going to take a bit of getting use to. We are officially "Boatless".

We handed over the keys Saturday afternoon. I was so thrilled to see the new owners excited as they stepped on board. I did feel worried though as Graham introduced them to all the systems on the boat. I kept asking..."What about this....." or "What about that..." and Graham would say that they had covered it. It reminded me of when we left the kids for the first time and we went over all the careful instructions for how to care for them. I would always worry that we had forgotten something. The only difference was that I could call numerous times to check on them. Probably best not to call, so for now I am left just to wonder how Artemo is treating them and how they are treating Artemo.

Grahams folks (Roger and Judith) and his Aunt Cathy arrived at Artemo on Saturday morning. Unfortunately their flight had been delayed the night before and they ended up having to stay in the airport for a few hours until the car rental office opened in the early morning. Once they had their car they then had to drive for 3 1/2 hours to the marina. These folks define "Perry Style"!

We were so happy that they were able to see Artemo before we handed over the keys. I only wish they could of had a sail on her. It was so nice to see Roger, Judith and Cathy with beer in hand enjoying Artemo's comfy cockpit and the sweet New Zealand breeze. I am sure going to miss moments like these.

We are on the road now and of course in true "Perry Style" we have 2 tents and are hitting the Department of Conservation campgrounds. You really can beat the price and the hikes are fantastic. We just got back from hiking a trail with a ton of the massive old Kauri tree's....very cool.

Oh and I forgot to mention the best part.....now we don't just get to enjoy Graham's awesome cooking, we also get to enjoy his moms. I may come back with a few of those pounds I have lost :-).

"What do you think they are doing now?".....hmmm....happy hour in the cockpit.....movie in the salon......cooking dinner in the galley......reading a book in a berth.....or maybe varnishing........hmmmm....that makes me feel better! ha

Boatless in New Zealand


  1. hey julie! good to see that even though you're 'boatless' you're not 'blogless'~ i'd miss you too much!!! enjoy your tour of NZ! can't wait to see you! (juliana jumped up and down when we told her the Perry's are on their way back!!!) rebecca, sam, juliana and jesse

  2. Glad to hear the clan made it safe and sound. if my bro didnt get my message..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO!!! hope you all are having a great time (duhhhh)
    Love you and miss you all

  3. What better place to camp then New Zealand. Sounds like an adventure for sure. It must be nice to have company from home. Have fun!