February 08, 2011

Close Your Mouth

Ok so imagine sand dunes for as far as the eye can see.....and way off in the distance in the hot blazing sun, you see a zig zag footprint trail up the side of the tallest sand mountain....

This is the sand mountain that Alex climbed with boogie board in hand and slid down going comma cozzie style face forward down the mountain! Absolutely insane. Sand flying everywhere and me yelling, "Close your mouth!"

He drug his toes behind the board hoping they would slow him down but they didn't seem to do much. When he finally reach the bottom he just laid there with a look of shock on his face. I stumbled across the hot open sand and collaspsed in front of him. A smile slowly spread across his face and I felt relief. He said that is was so unbelieveably scary but really fun. It looked to me like he had sand in every crevase.

Amelia couldn't resist and began the hike up with the board. About half way up she found a pair of really cute abandoned sandals and lost all interest in sand boarding. lol. She did jump on and coast down the hill but once at the bottom her first thoughts were about climbing back up to retrieve the sandals.

We had such a great day. We all hiked around the Northern most tip of New Zealand and had a refreshing dip in the huge surf. We found a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy ice cold beers from our chilly bin (this is what they call a cooler here).

So what is the best way to end a great day???.....by getting lost. We were exhausted from our long hike and then our climb in the hot sand but we also got to look forward to cooking our meal at the campsite in the dark. Good news is that it is like I am living with 4 Graham's and no one seemed to have any issue with this. Dinner was served and dishes were cleaned in record time. These are a hard working bunch that are hard to keep up with. I might just have to give up and sit back and relax....wish me luck ;-)!


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