February 01, 2010


(Ignore the parts about no pictures...I was finally successful!)
Ok, so I didn't want to post this blog until I was able to successfully upload some pictures but unfortunately due to internet issues there will be no pictures....you will have to use your imagination!

Tomorrow Artemo finally goes back in the water!!! Can I hear a whoop, whoop?? Todomar boat yard has been really great. They completed all the work and you will have to imagine the gleaming white cockpit with no rotted holes in it. Absolutely beautiful. The new cabinets down below also look great. Graham has mounted his brand new radar screen on the new cabinet and he is like a proud papa. Artemo's paint job is so shiny. They gave her a good polish once they were done. You can see your reflection in the paint. We have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and finally Artemo is looking like home again.

The final job prior to launch was putting our brand new "Artemo" signs from SIGN A RAMA (Bay Street, Toronto) onto all sides of the boat. Again you are going to have to use your imagination but it was really quite a moment. The signs totally rock and the white lettering against the shiny blue hull looks REALLY good. The globe inside the O totally makes it. We have already had many people stop by and ask who designed the logo. My turn to look like a proud mama....toot, toot! We are also so happy to finally proudly display our home port sign "Toronto, Ontario"on the stern. The world is awesome but Toronto is our home.

Prior to us leaving Toronto the guys at SIGN A RAMA made us 3 signs for the boat and a bunch of boat cards.........for FREE!!! They just offered to do it for free? How often does that kind of thing happen? If you get the chance stop in and see the guys there, tell them "Artemo" sent you. They are at 873 Bay Street and their website is http://www.signarama-toronto.ca/. It would make me really happy to send some business their way.

So, tomorrow Artemo hits the water after 8 months on the hard. I am not going to lie to you I am pretty nervous. I have pretty much imagined every possible terrible scenario that could happen and it is only about a half an hour motor to the anchorage. LOL. Our plan is to stay in the anchorage til Sunday and then push off to the Rosario islands of Columbia and then onto the San Blas Islands. The Rosarios are only a few hours away, so they will be a good shake down sail for us. The San Blas unfortunately are overnight sail. Oh well, nothing like just jumping in. Another interesting tid bit for you all is that Graham turns the big 4-0 on Sunday, Feb 7th! I can't think of a better place to be spending his birthday than on the sea living his dream.

Ok, I will stop writing here.....even though I have so much more to say. I am sure there will be lots to write about after our adventure tomorrow. Everyone think tons of positive thoughts for us and don't forget to pop into Sign A Rama!


  1. WooHooo!!
    Can't wait to see pictures!

    Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be great :)

  2. Whoop whoop! I feel it in my bones that this time everything will go smooth as glass. Can't wait to see the pictures. Enjoy tomorrow.
    Love you all

  3. So exciting!
    Love the lettering and world in Artemo's O. What a great idea.
    Enjoy the sail to the islands near and far. Can't wait to get going ourselves! Maybe this weekend.
    The Gromits

  4. Your sign is amazing and looks great. I look forward to reading how your first sail goes. Good luck. Trese

  5. Yay pictures! The sign and the boat look great!

    Sending positive thoughts your way,

  6. The boat looks so great I want to come visit.

    Happy Birthday graham cracker! The boys and I will have a beer in your honor at lunch tomorrow. I am glad you are living your dream. I am glad Julie is living your dream too...lol ;)

    Google chat me next time you guys are online.


  7. Miss you guys already. Everytime I am at Rob's I am reminded of all of you. Millie's barrettes, Julie's hair on the couch, Alex's picture on the front door, and the complete lack of food in the fridge since Graham left.

    Bon Voyage - Jen