February 21, 2010

I don't want to forget

We arrived today at a tiny deserted island, surrounded by coral reef and covered in beautiful palm trees. We are all alone at anchor and no civilization in sight.

Once the anchor was down it was a crazy rush to get swim suits on, snorkel gear out, sunscreen on, yada, yada, yada! Amelia, Alex and I sat perched on the side of the dinghy with our flippers and snorkels on waiting for Graham to get down from Artemo and into the water. For some reason we all always wait for him to go in first. Not sure what we are thinking he will find but we wait for the thumbs up and away we go. It was so nice to be able to snorkel off our boat again.

Once the snorkel was done, it was time to explore the island. We found a few huts on the island that the Kuna Indians must use when they are out this way to fish. We hiked all over and we found in the middle of the island this beautiful tree with bright red flowers on it. It looked so out of place. The ground was all cleared out around it and this beautiful tree sat in the middle?

We sat in the hot, crystal clear water and talked. I watched as Graham walked along the beach at the end of the end of the island under a leaning coconut tree and I thought to myself....I don't want to forget this afternoon. The cameras aren't charged, so we don't have any pictures. All we will have is our memory.

We came back to the boat and the kids jumped off the side over and over again. They played on their new kayak and took turns tipping each other over.

We all bathed in 5 liters of water and then we sat in the cockpit eating humus and tortillas as the sun set.

I don't want to forget.


  1. I'm glad I read this post before the next one!!

    Can't wait - we are almost there!! :)))


  2. Oh, what a wonderful memory for all of you. Sounds like heaven. Charge the cameras, we need pictures.

  3. It does sound wonderful but arent you having nightmares about how you got there?? I dont think I would want to get back in that boat. As I pictured this blogg though I thought of survivor when you mentioned graham walking under a cocout tree. enjoy your sunsets. How long are you anchored there for?

  4. It does sound nice!

  5. If you take out the sailing part I think I would enjoy being on your trip ;>