April 17, 2009

Overnight sail on Artemo

Forced the kids and Graham to write their thoughts about the trip and resisted every urge in me to edit them :-)! Enjoy

Alex: Sailing in the dark is better because you can't tell if you are on deck or below deck. Sailing to Grenada was so-so. During the day I was sea sick and at night it just got bearable. Sleeping was hard because of the constant rocking but the voice of the guy from Plant Earth helped me go to sleep. Once we got behind St Vincent the rocking stopped and we had dinner and m*a*s*h. Then I fell asleep and slept most of the way. Love most of you. Alex
ps what i mean is I love all my family reading this and like the rest of you!

Amelia: It was very scary being out there. The waves look so different in the moonlight. Although it was cool to be able to stay up for a few hours at midnight, I was so nervous that someone would fall overboard. We didn't even have flashlights or whistles on our life jackets, which we now have.
ps Aunty Ann-Marie tell the Sparks family I miss them
pss I love you Nanny Donna
psss I love you Nanny and Papa

Julie: At one point we looked out ahead and a sail boat was sailing towards us. We all sat and watched in amazement. The front of the boat would dip so far into the huge waves and the wind would push it so far over in our direction that it would look like it was heading for us and then it would come out on top of the wave and correct its heading. As we were all watching with our mouths opened. I looked at the kids and said, "Do you think that is what we look like?" The realization was a little scary and exciting.

Graham: Well, my crew preformed excellent on our first overnight sail of this season. We learned lots of lessons about what needs to be lashed down better (today I was out getting webbing to strap down items that always seem to be on the move). I also found out what it is like to cook a meal while the boat is rocking back and forth in confused seas. I liked sailing at night: the sky is full of stars, you watch the sun set, the moon rise and eventually (hopefully) the sun rise again.


  1. Alex, I totally get it .......I've been known to nap through Planet Earth too.

    Millie the Sparks family misses you too!!!! But we did get to see you on TV today. Your commercial has been playing alot.

  2. Sounds like there are more votes for than against Great thoughts. Alex - love your comment on who you love!!!
    Lots of Love
    Grampa Griff and Nana Cheryl

  3. Hey I'm glad you got some flashlights!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am with JT. OMG no whistles either?? Loved all your comments and views on the trip. Especially the one where Alex said you couldnt tell if you were on deck or below. :)And those waves must have been something right out of a horror movie...you guys are soo brave. Poor graham doing the wet watch. Glad to hear you all made it safe and sound and in one peice.

  5. The only thing better feeling than risking your life is risking your life and feeling sick to your stomach at the same time :>

    I miss most of you! What I mean by that is that I miss all of you except Alex....lol.