April 29, 2009

Blanquilla - by Amelia

Blanquilla is a cool island. It has nice sand beaches and lots of cool shells. Me and mom found a bunch that are really colorful. Even orange ones. There are also lots of flamingo tongues. Flamingo tongues live on coral fans. When they die they come up onto the beaches. We found at least a hundred here. It was one overnight sail from Los Testigos to Blanquilla. The water is crystal clear. There are lots of boats around us and the snorkeling is ok.

Today we had to make paper mache for art. Alex made a dragon and I made a fish, just like the one we are going to catch on today's overnight sail. I am going to make a scape book of all the places we are visiting in Venezuela before we come home for 6 months. Yesterday the coast guard came to our boat and boarded us. We gave them cookies and I don't think they liked them. They only ate half of them. They spoke Spanish and Dad only knew a little bit which is poco in Spanish. All Dad knows is dough cervasas por favor. They just wanted to see our boat papers and passports. Mom still made me put all the electronics away just in case.

I am looking forward to going and seeing Los Roques. We are going on the sail today and tonight. It looks like it will be so much fun. Can't wait to see the snorkeling.
Love Amelia


  1. Love your blog Amelia, sounds so exciting finding all those things on the beach. I envy you the warm sun and sand. We had a cold wind today but there was a wee bit of sun late in the afternoon. Sounds like the Coast Guard looked a bit like pirates??and how come they didn't like cookies??
    Take care and enjoy
    Nanny Donna

  2. Hey,
    I enjoyed your blog Amelia. Do the coast guards always come on your boat to check stuff out? Why did you have to put away the electronics?
    These flamingo tongues you speak of sound very odd. :)


  3. Millie that was a great blogg! What a great little writer you are. I could just picture you and your mom on the beach. I hope you got a picture of the Flamingos tongue as I would love to see what it looks like. Did you collect any shells to keep as a souviner? That sure was nice of you to offer the customs guys some cookies.They probably arent use to people being that nice to them. Hope you have a good sail.

  4. Hey, Love the comment about your Dad and his Spanish, That is about all I know too.

  5. Hey Alex and Amelia: You have the perfect opportunity to learn another language. People in other countries love it when you at least try to speak their language, especially youngsters.
    Papa Roger

  6. Very interesting post Millird.

    I youtube'd flamingo tougues and found the following video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvDBFD97-Eo

    There is a spanish centre close to my house. Maybe we should go there for a class when you come here in June!