April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This morning we said goodbye to Jason. The water taxi came to Dad's boat and off Jason zoomed around the Piton and out of sight. gulp.....we miss him already.

It was neat to have a visitor on board. We all loved seeing our life through someone else's eyes. We kept asking him what he thought. If it was what he expected. What he liked and didn't liked. Jason felt all the things that we felt and described it to us perfectly and of course with his Uncle Jason sense of humor. We laughed, man did we laugh. The kind of laughing that makes you feel good to the core. Jason got to have a taste of the life. From the motion of the boat, the feeling of movement on land, the shower situation, the lack of space, the glorious quiet mornings, the beautiful setting sun, and of course happy hour!

This was Jason's first holiday to someplace tropical, so he had never snorkeled before. Amelia and Alex were so excited to show him their underwater world. They were so proud of how far their swimming and free diving have come that they couldn't wait to show him their skills. It was fun to watch. Kids and I guess anyone for that matter, love recognition.

We anchored next to Dads boat Mystic Journey and we swam or rowed back and forth. We had dinners at each others boats and we also got Dave and Cheryl from Aries in on the group get togethers. We spent most of our time anchored in between the two Pitons.

Yesterday Alex and I rented a hobby cat. These are little catamarans with one main sail. It was ....ummmm....exciting to say the least. Since Alex has had 3 summers of sail camp on little boats, it put him in a position of having more experience than me but me being the adult had more experience with not pushing our luck, so needless to say we spent the majority of our time arguing while sailing this little cat. Alex's skills were really good though and he even managed to bring it up alongside Mystic Journey and allow Jason to jump on. Jason got to see first hand how Alex and I sail together....LOL. Alex was working the rudder and I was working the sheet (line connected to the sail). Alex would get her on the point of sail he wanted and yell at me to either harden or release the sheet. He would get really angry when I wouldn't do it fast enough or if I was reluctant to harden to much. Oh well, Jason got a real peak at how I do under stress....not well.

The Easter bunny managed to get his act together at the last moment and the kids woke up and began their hunt. I hope, I hope, I hope they found all the chocolate eggs because if not, I am sure the ants will.

We have another piece of HUGE news......we realized that we are heading the wrong direction. We are turning around and heading South not North. We are even considering getting the boat to Cartenga before we come home in June!!!! stay tuned for the next blog!!!!!

Have some ham for us and enjoy your Easter.



  1. Thanks again for a great time. Look for my guest blog on Mystic Journey's site.

  2. Happy Easter to the Perrys! We didn't have ham we had pizza. chicken and pinapple and it was good
    Love you lots and miss you guys
    Nanny Donna

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great Easter. I bet from the sounds of it Jason would have loved to have stayed.So I take it he got over his motion sickness? Glad to hear the bunny found Millie and Alex.
    I have a question...why is Donna signing TJ???

  4. Happy Easter! We had pizza too and BBQ hamburgers :)
    TJ is mom (tugwood Jackson).

  5. I agree Theresa. TJ confused me too.

    Glad all of you had a great Easter. I hope Jason got some color :>

    Can't wait till you are back in T.O.

  6. Sorry about the confusion, I didn't know it would say TJ??
    Glad that Jason is back safe and sound and a little tanned. Hope you are going in the right direction now.
    Mom sometimes known as TJ

  7. Hello,I guess I am way behind with all of these blogs and now there are so many I doubt if I will ever catch up.I am not on the computer much anymore as am just too busy ,but will read them all someday. Have a few minutes this morning and then have a Dr.'s appt. so can't catch up today. I enjoyed the videos though as I looked at some of them last night,and went into Griff's Blog ,but I am about 4 blogs behind in his,maybe more,so gave up for now.Glad you had a good X-mas with Rob & a nice Easter with Jason and the boat looks good too. So does the warm weather :( Have a busy day ahead so will close for now ......Gail or GTA or even TA,whichever you prefer :)

  8. I just want to say I LOVE that picture of the 5 of you. Was
    that a tear in Jasons eye??
    Maybe a goodbye tear? You guys
    looked so tanned....and relaxed looking.
    signed sitting in the bush