April 24, 2009


Pitch black, no lights from land or other boats present and Artemo was rolling back and forth from side to side. The motion felt so foreign to me. I just couldn't believe that it could be "Normal".

The wind was coming from directly behind us and the waves were coming from right beside us. Graham had worked his quiet magic in Grenada and rigged up these lines to hold the main way out to the side to catch the maximum amount of wind. It was working but the roll....oh my, "the roll"! We thought we had everything latched down but we found a few more things that came loose and began to bang around. This added to my panicky feeling. I felt my legs begin to shake and I realized it was fear.

I sat next to Graham and asked him, "The boat couldn't roll over on this point of sail...right?" I just wanted him to reassure me all was well. He was not in the mood to play the, "Everything is ok Julie" game. I sat back on my own side and I gave myself a talking to. I took some deep breaths and then it was as if Artemo whispered to me..."It's ok I've done this before".

Beautiful, wonderful, sturdy Artemo. Her strength overtook me and I wasn't scared. My legs stopped shaking and I began to relax. Amelia came up from below and saw how calm and peaceful I was and she mimic'd this. We enjoyed the night together on deck.

Night ended and the glorious sun rose. So good to be able to see again. About an hour ago Graham yelled, "Land Ho". Finally we can see land. We also had the opportunity to talk to our friend Ross from Gemini on the SSB this morning and we got to talk to Dad. This made the ocean seem a little smaller.

Amelia and I made a big batch of crepes and Alex and Graham got the fishing line all worked out and we are trawling. Right now I am sitting in the cockpit. Graham is sleeping. Alex is reading and laughing out loud and Amelia is watching Gilmore Girls. The islands of Los Testigos are really coming into sight and look beautiful.

Artemo has both her Genoa and main way out to the starboard side and she is bringing us in!


  1. I was terrified reading that blogg. I cant imagine what it must be like to be in pitch black on a rolling sail boat. I feel relieved that you saw land and I can understand why your legs felt shakey.

  2. I think your blog has just gone from being a potential book, to becoming a made for TV movie as well. I love reading, it's almost like I'm right there with you, only my house doesn't roll and I get a real shower everyday.

  3. Well this was one of those scary blogs to read. so glad that you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy Venezuela, and send pictures.

  4. Hey you guys, I still expect to see you moored between the two Pitons!!!! Congratulations on making your passage. Sounds like you did great. Well we will eventually catch up to you. We are now in Bequia for another few days. Let us know how you enjoy Los Testigos and keep in touch. Kids say hi to kids. Love crew on Stray Kitty.