November 03, 2012

This is COOL

Click on this link and enter our call sign VA3PRY and click VIEW button.

The website draws our route from all the position reports we have sent since 2009. I wish it had them all since we left Antigua in 2008 but this is pretty close and way cool. I watched as the red line was drawn and I won't lie to you it felt really good. What an amazing adventure we have had and are having.

Looks like a weather window is opening up for Monday. Fingers crossed we will be sailing away to the Canary Islands. We will be in good company as there are 3 other Canadian boats who will also be on the water with us!

Tomorrow is Amelia's 14 birthday and I am so looking forward to surprising her with a day long palooza of birthday events! I am so lucky to have such an amazing daughter and friend to share these adventures on sea with. I wouldn't want to imagine life without her constant chatter, singing and craziness. I truly am grateful to continue to spend my days with my little sweet and sour girl!!


  1. Millie is far more sweet than sour, have a great day Angel

  2. Hello everyone! I am so happy to hear you'll have company - at least part way across. I sent an email last week with news from home (that's Roehampton Avenue home)- did you get it? Jill

  3. Wow, that was cool :)

    Happy B-day Millie!!


  4. Sweet and Sour...BA HA HA HAAAAA