November 28, 2012

Dolphin Poop

So strange to look up from my kitchen window and see dolphins. Salty Ginger is so cool with these long hull windows so close to the water that you can see the water and sea life right there.

The squalls stopped at about 9am, the sky cleared, the wind went to zero, the swell eased and on went the motor :-). It is gorgeous out but we do worry about using our fuel so early into the trip.

At about 11am the kids and Graham were up on deck and I hear "Dolphins, spotted Dolphins!" I look up from washing the counter and sure enough there are our friends. I love seeing them when the water is so still and clear. There were so many. The water was filled with them and they jumped and played in Salty's wake and splash.

The kids went to the bow and hung their feet over the sides and watched in awe. Every visit seems so different than the last. This time since it was so clear and still you could easily see the hole on top of their heads opening and closing as they would come to the surface for air. Amelia also got the pleasure of seeing a dolphin poop! She let out a big "Ewwwww." I may have captured it on camera. We will see.

It is 9pm now and we are motor sailing with light winds at a low rpm so low fuel consumption. We are hoping the wind fills in through the night. We are back on our regular watch schedule. I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight rather than the cockpit.

Only other interesting thing that happened today was seeing another sailboat in the distance. We called out to it on the radio but no reply :-(

1/4 of the way there! Any guesses on arrival dates? I am guessing Dec 13th, Amelia the 9th, Alex the 10th and Graham the 11th. Keep in mind that all these guesses were made the day before we left...we each put in $20 bucks so the stakes are high. LOL.


  1. Hi, good to see your progress. Not sure if my emails have been getting through as I have received a delivery failure notification? Not sure if are aware but the start of the ARC was delayed until yesterday (Tuesday 27) due to the nasty low pressure system over Gran Canaria. The SSB station they are using is 4A - I hope that means something to you? All well here and on schedule to leave early next week.

    Sally and Mike SY Jacaranda

  2. That sounds so wonderful to look out your window and see dolphins. I also have a beautiful view out of my kitchen window, the wonderful white sunny world of Alberta, snow covered evergreens and the steam coming off of my hot tub. I am guessing you arrive the same day as we do Dec 19th at Jolly Harbor.

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  4. We all are waiting with baited breath to see if you caught Mill saying ewww to dolphin poop. Fingers crossed.

  5. The only way you will arrive by the 10th is if the rest of the way is downhill. I am guessing the 14th.

  6. I'm Guessing the 16th.