November 29, 2012


"What's that smell?", I asked. "I smell skunk."

Salty Ginger doesn't have a water maker on board yet, so we have been concerned about our water consumption and haven't been having showers. Moist towelettes, a spray bottle and pit stick have been the name of the game for the past 6 days. Maybe you can guess what that skunk smell was. It was us. Ok more Graham than me. lol

We checked out our water levels in the tanks and given how thrifty we have been we were only down 1/4 of one of our 2 tanks, so today was "Shower Day!" Yippee. Ok for any of you picturing a nice hot shower in a stall with privacy and unending water...think again. Now we do have a nice shower stall in the front bathroom but there is nothing to hold on to in it and one of the sides is a folding door that for sure we would fall into with Salty Ginger rolling back and forth like she is. So luxury for us was a nice spray off sitting at the helm in the cockpit with our deck shower. YUP..we have a deck shower. Man I love this boat, so nice. We each had our time alone in the cockpit. I couldn't help but remember pulling up salt water buckets on our South Pacific passage and boiling a pot of fresh water for a wipe off. Funny how much we all appreciate the small things like a spray nozzle now. Sometimes things have to be a little tough to see how good you got it.

I am so happy to be clean. I even washed up the inside of the boat and bathroom. Such a great day. We are wing on wing again and almost pointed at Antigua. Only 10 more degrees to go to be pointed at her. The winds are light but we are still averaging 4.5 knots and I would take this any day over the squalls. Amelia disagrees and but I am so cool with this speed and slow pace of life. I feel like we have escaped for a while in our own oasis and the best part is that we haven't spent any money in 6 days! ha

The dreaded school has begun and no more seasickness or sleep deprivation. We all want the generator to be on during our watch so we can watch a show. We will see who wins tonight. A fellow cruiser gave us a bunch of new shows before we left Lanzarote, so I am now addicted to Dexter. I can't believe I am watching another gruesome show. Totally not my style but strangely awesome.

Nothing else new today, just endless ocean. Thanks for all the comments. Ann Marie sent them to us and this morning we all enjoyed reading them. Rob we all laughed so hard about your lawn mower comment!

Ciao for now.


  1. We take so much for granted in our lives, it is nice to be thankful for the little things like a clean shower. Glad everyone is smelling better. Enjoy every moment of your dream life for all too soon you will be back in the rat race in TO. They will soon have a new Mayor (maybe same last name). I vote for Olivia!

  2. Happy you were able to shower! That's always positive!

  3. My shower this morning was hot and at least 20 minutes.

  4. I read this yesterday but it wouldn't let me I thought I would try again this morning. I couldn't imagine going without my soaker tub and jacuzzi. Glad to hear you don't all stink anymore lol. That little blue dot looks like its getting closer to Antigua . It won't be long now and you will all be basking in the sun with family. So look forward to reading your blogs...keep them coming. Love trese