February 03, 2009

Touching Base

Hi there,

I am trying to find the time to write the next blog about our sail here...but I thought I better give you guys a quick update. On the sail from Grenada to Carriacou we noticed yet another problem. The Genoa track on our port side was rising away from the deck. We were on a close reach with the most stress possible on the sail and noticed this with shock and quickly furled her in. Regardless the bulk head and cabinets over the nav bed inside and below the track were all rotted out and filled with what we think were termites (small white fast moving bugs). Soooo Graham and Kevin ripped everything out and are refitting a new bulk head and having steel backing plates made and then epoxying the new wood. Long story short....we are still fixing fixing fixing.....Good news is that we know lots of people here and are having lots of visits. bad news is that we might be here for a few more days. I would like to think we would be ready to move on Thursday but we all know how things go. I will let you know if this holds true. We are now thinking we will sail to Bequia for a day sail and make sure all is good with the work they have done and then to Antigua.

Stay tuned :-) I will post a video of our trip here soon.


  1. Little white bugs? Eww! Glad you got rid of that! What an adventure.

  2. Termites in a wooden boat isnt
    good.Sounds like your trip is enjoyable now even if you have
    a few things left to fix. At
    least your on the water. Cant
    wait for your next blogg.

  3. I thought they stripped the boat and redid it from the inside out. How did they miss termites? Sorry to hear you have more fixing but it is nice Kevin is there to help.
    Take care

  4. Yeah, Theresa is right....if I had termites in a wooden boat, on the water is just where I'd want to be. Bah ha ha!

    Little bugs creap me out. Eww. Don't you wish you had my eye clops magnifier there so you could watch those little guys work up close.

  5. It sounds as if maybe you are making fun of me Annmarie. Dont worry I wont write in the blogg anymore and then you wont have an opportunity ok. But seeing as how this was done 5 bloggs ago I will start tomorrow as I have already wrote today.

  6. Sorry I offended you Theresa, I was just trying to be funny. Please don't stop writing on the blog, I know everyone looks forward to your comments.