February 16, 2009

3 things you may not have known.....

Hi all! We are in Bequia, St Vincent. We are dividing our days between work and play. The kids are ploughing through their studies and Graham is getting more jobs done on the list. He decided to re bed the Genoa track on the starboard side just to be safe. Every time he does any of his jobs it usually begins with ripping the boat apart! oh well, such is life on a boat.

I thought it might be fun for the four of us to write down 3 things we think you may not have known about our life on a boat. We each wrote our list without reading the others and I resisted the urge to make edits to their lists! Enjoy

  1. I sleep in a different bed every night.
  2. I am taking antibiotics.
  3. I am smarter than Amelia


  1. We have a secret compartment in our boat cupboard don't tell pirates
  2. I have a pimple on my but-ox
  3. Sometimes I make my face look funny and act in front of the mirror, when the door is closed in the bathroom


  1. Every night after we eat we usually watch a couple episodes of MASH together in the cockpit.
  2. Alex and Amelia drive the dinghy. Every time we go anywhere they fight over who drives.
  3. Water is like gold and the guilt I feel when I wash my hands, brush my teeth or rinse the dishes is EXTREME.


  1. Constant state of awareness of your surroundings and threats. Realization that most of the other people out here probably know less than we do, so you also have to think about what the boats around you are doing.
  2. Cruising, comes down to one thing: fixing a boat in a exotic location with little or no help other than that offered from other cruisers.
  3. If you prolong your departure till all the jobs were done, you would never leave. If you leave before all the jobs are done, the boat will never be completed.


  1. Love the comments. Really agree with Grahams EXCEPT I never feel that the others know less than me even though lots of times it is probably true.
    Dad and Cheryl

  2. pimple on my but-ox!!!!!!!! lol

  3. I certainly did learn a thing or two. I guess I was just surprised as I thought that someone would have mentioned the constant rocking of the boat when on the seas or the really bad squalls. Or even the pirates...although Millie did say she had a secret cupboard. :)) Sounds like your having a wonderful time. what better a place to work on your boat
    then St Vincent!!!

  4. Love the blog this week. I learned things I wanted to know and some I didn't want to know. Sailing is just like driving, you have to worry about the other drivers. I didn't realize that water was like gold. We don't know how lucky we are to have a seemingly unlimited supply here at home. Hope Alex is getting better and that his leg clears up right away. Enjoy St. Vincent and the heat it is freezing here.

  5. I'm a mad man. I have a gun under my pillow. And a gun down every sleeve.

  6. My darling brother-in-law........I need to fatten up!! Can't wait till your back in T.O making dinners again :>

    The boat looks top rate man.

    Did you know that in the last 10 years you have built Mom's basement in Lacombe, my basement in Calgary, your house in Vernon, our basement in St. Catharines, your house in Lacombe, and now your boat in Grendada???

    I think secretly you like construction and are not truely happy unless you have a project on-going. If you want to re-do my kitchen when you come back to T.O. let me know. I will order the tile and counter tops before you get here ;>


  7. LMAOF, Tricia is going to get a kick out of that! We are all looking forward to downtown TO condo livin'! Long hot showers, AC, great restaurants, satelite TV, friends who know us well and best of all UNCLE ROB!

    ps...you forgot our Red Deer house...
    pss...ZAC stop acting like a mad man. You are a 14 year old boy with a crazy sense of humor and we miss you like crazy!