February 06, 2009

Let the good times roll.....

Ok guys, I have spent endless blogs writing about the struggles and challenges, well.....it is time for me to lay the goodtimes on THICK!!! We are finally smelling the roses or mangoes....if you will and below are a couple of pictures of the fun over the past few days. We are still in Carriacou and enjoying ourselves. The fellow who sailed with us from Grenada to here(Kevin) left yesterday. A little to much fixing stuff and not enough sailing for him I am sure and it did make things a bit tight on the boat. Really nice guy, he was thinking of hopping on the ferry and going back to mainland Grenada.

Today I made my second visit to a doctor since we have arrived in Grenada. This time it was for Alex. The people here are so friendly. Everyone pointed us in the direction of Dr. Freddy. When we finally found the building we thought it was abandoned? We asked at the house next door and the lady said to go through the little gate at the side and up the stairs. We did this and sure enough Dr. Freddy greeted us at the top of the stairs and since we were the only patients, he went to work checking out Alex's skin infection. Turns out he has a staph infection, just as Amelia did a few months ago. He gave us the prescription for the topical and oral antibiotics and we thanked him and shook his hand and began to leave, when he said, "I am so sorry but I will have to ask you to pay for the visit". I felt so bad that I had forgot. On the mainland it cost me $80 EC to take Amelia in for a visit about $36 Cdn. Dr. Freddy asked for $35EC ($16Cdn). We were very happy with this price.

Tomorrow is Grahams 39th birthday and as I type Amelia is busy decorating the boat. We are thinking of sailing to the next island up the chain named "Union Island" and anchoring there for his bday celebration! The kids and I managed to find him a new pair of light pants and a pair of long shorts in his new pant size in town.

Things are good. We are feeling more relaxed and taking things in stride. Lots of friends in the bay. Today Amelia's friend Sorlynn left though. They are the french family that we were friends with at Grenada Marine (remember the crazy jungle gym boat). As they were leaving this morning the dad drove his sailboat right over to ours to say good bye. There Sorlynn sat ON THE MAST as it swung back and forth, waving goodbye.

We went over to a Danish boat for drinks the other night. They came by to invite us. They said they saw us come into the bay and anchor and thought we looked so professional. They wanted to know how we anchored so calmly without yelling. He wanted the name of the headsets we use to communicate. Not only did he call me professional, he also referred to me as a SAILOR???? go figure :-)
Amelia got taught her science lesson from some teacher friends of ours from San Francisco who we also met at Grenada Marine (Ralph and Mila). They pulled in here and came over for a visit. Everyone is so open to helping out with the homeschooling. It really is a community here. It is just like living in a small town. Yesterday Alex, Amelia and I were dinghying across the bay and we ran out of gas and the winds were very strong, as we struggle to get the paddles going a boat yelled for us to grab onto their boat and they would give us some gas. We did just that. So nice. Just like borrowing a cup of milk!

Today Graham and I dinghy'ied in for a rum punch at the bar and we met a sailor who came into this bay 3 years ago and hasn't left. This guy was totally drunk and the typical salty sailor. Graham said the guy was half sailor, half drunken local. I told him that has to go on a t-shirt, we could make millions!
Well there you have it, sorry for the mish-mash of a blog, my head is all over the place. So many things happen in a day and everything seems so cool and new right now.


  1. Love the pictures everyone looks so happy and relaxed.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Graham, I forgot it was Feb. 7 and also our anniversary. I hope you have an amazing birthday, I think it is one you will never forget. Enjoy every minute just as we will be enjoying the Sparks invation this week.

  2. I had run punch last night and dinghy'ied too...good times! I struggled to get the paddles going but Jen lent a hand.

    I guess the pants aren't a surprise for GP. Either that or he does not read the blog!!

  3. I have an idea why not do as the sailor and stay put where you are.
    I think that guy has the right idea.
    And where is Rob that he is in a dinghy.

  4. Dad and Mom here:
    Happy Birthday Graham. I beleive it is the first birthday that we haven't either seen you or been able to phone you on your birthday.
    We are sitting in the snow on top of Rogers Pass. I will be going skiing with Evan on Mon and Tues and tell Millie I will stay away from yellow snow.
    Love you.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Happy Birthday Graham from Katie, Sarah, Miranda and Joey. Have a good day.

  6. Hey, guys!!!
    So happy to hear that things are easing for you. I understand the stress. Wondering if and when things will go as you envisioned them.
    Sounds like you have hit your stride!
    I love it when I check out your blog and there is a new entry. It's like I gobble it up, I can't get enough. I want to hear about your adventures, every detail. Can't wait to get to the Bahamas and farther south to experience some of what you have been describing.
    I'm absolutely thrilled for you!
    Gromit and crew.

  7. 'Gromit' CrewFebruary 7, 2009 at 8:34 PM

    Hey, Graham!!!

    All of us here on 'Gromit' wish you a wonderful, fabulous and relaxing birthday.
    Make the day yours. No repairs or worries.

    Take care.


  8. Yay! You're living the life!

    happy birthday Graham!