November 15, 2008


"...a women whose prime occupation is to care for their family and/or home"

Yup, that's me! I have a new job and any job worth doing is worth doing well.

I am nowhere near being in the running for housewife of the year, heck I don't even think the other housewife's would talk to me but I am really trying to embrace it.

I take pride in the fact that the kids are excelling at school. They are learning a ton and so am I. Their quality of work has improved and we all get interested in what we are learning. I am also researching healthy vegetarian recipes on the Internet and try to find all the freshest ingredients. We do up a weekly menu plan and do the grocery shopping (via bus). The kids and I are trying to make things as easy as possible for Graham once he comes home. We do all the prep work, cutting, peeling, rehydrating beans, etc. We also do all the dishes. I can't help but feel proud when the recipe is a success and everyone is happy with a new tasty treat.

I have a system now for washing and hanging the laundry. I wash the sheets once a week and shake them out daily. There are these tiny little bugs (not bed bugs) that I get rid of. I wash the floors on Mondays, and scrub the bathroom and shower on Tuesday. I find myself getting mad when the kids get crumbs all over and smear their hands all over the fridge. I never use to notice a dirty fridge door?

Taking care of the house, the schooling, the kids well being, the grocery shopping and the errands Graham needs done is definitely a full time job. It is different when you work out of the home. When you do a good job you see the benefits fairly quickly and you get recognized for a job well done. You feel pumped and it makes you work harder. Here at home the positive feedback doesn't come as often and the product isn't often something you can hold but you can see it in their faces.

So what's the conclusion here ........well, I do miss the "office" and the fast pace, BUT how lucky am I to be able to put my career on the shelf for awhile and focus on the most important people in my life!
Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.


  1. Hey - just I wonder how this would look on the resume - "organizational skills - superb!"
    Sure different in lots of ways eh

  2. Gee I am way behind with this blog.I missed Millie's Birthday and your boat schedule too. Sorry Millie & glad you had a nice Birthday .What a great idea to have a 10 surprises Birthday.I may ask Ron for the same thing :) Only mine will be a 64 surprises birthday !Julie I do hope the boat is ready for you guys to meet up for X-Mas.Good Luck with it!People who live in HOT climates do tend to take life a lot easier than us frozen Northerners do. We have to move faster just to keep from freezing, 8 months of the year.I see you are busy with household chores,which I am sure are a lot different than they are back here.The bug situation would drive me bananas! Especially knowing those tiny little bugs are in my bed.I'd have to drink a whole pot of camomile tea before I climbed into bed every night!Loved the photos in the blogs as well.Glad the home schooling is going well too.It must be easier now with Computers than it once was.I learn things every day on this computer & have traced several of our ancestors back into the Dark Ages.I finally found out when and where my Grandma Tugwood's only brother died and where his grave is. I think your Mom will send it all to you ,eventually.He had just turned 20 years old when a German Sniper killed him in France.Anyhow,good luck with the boat and bye for now.....Gail

  3. Taking care of a house and children is a full time job and one that is not easy some days. Sounds like you are doing a great job and loving it at the same time. There are rewards with staying home with your kids as there are rewards in working outside the home. Your cooking sounds as if it is improving as well. Trese
    PS the kitty is adorable!What is its name.