November 11, 2008

Ever wonder about the boat????

The boat, the boat, the boat...... Boat discussions are pretty much constant around here. It is difficult not to get discouraged given the state of the boat. Things are happening but it is at that stage that you wonder if it will ever be finished. I am getting worried. December is quickly approaching. The boat manager "Nicholas" promised me five more weeks about four weeks ago. He hasn't said anything about not being on schedule, but once I put all the items left to get done into a schedule....I am starting to wonder when it will actually be done. Below is the email I sent to Nicholas on Friday and the photo is the schedule I made and attached. We haven't seen Nicholas since and no reply as of yet. I am hoping to see him today or tomorrow at the boat yard and hear the news. He has been pretty straight forward and good with us so far. I will keep you posted.
Hi Nicholas,

As December quickly approaches I want to make sure that we are on schedule for an early December departure from Grenada Marine. We have family arriving in Curasco on December 19th and obviously the kids and I all have our hopes way up to be joining them.

I was hoping you could take a look at the schedule attached and let me know if you see anything I have missed or if you feel that we are in any way not on schedule. The blue rows pertain to Grenada Marine work items and the yellow rows are the items Graham is working on.

I want to make sure that we have the date booked for our boat launch and we also want to let Martin know when the rigging will be on, so that he can take the measurements for the new bimini and dodger.

I want you to know that I can just imagine the thankless job you must have. Everyone wants their work completed yesterday. Graham and my style is not to jump up and down and yell and huff and puff, we appreciate that you are trying your best to complete our work, on time and on budget. We speak highly of you and the work to date. We look forward to the successful conclusion.

Hoping to hear from you soon. I will also look for you at the boat yard.

Julie Perry
S/V Artemo


  1. Julie and Graham
    You are doing everything in your power to get moving on time. I hope that the contractors realize that when you say Dec. it means Dec. not Feb. Good luck, I hope the workers there are on time and that all goes well. You guys need to be out of that apartment and on the water. That is what you signed on for and that is what will make you happy.
    Meanwhile if needed we do have extra room now that the basement is finished.

  2. A local that can read a schedule! I want to move there!