November 05, 2008

Double digits....

Today was Amelia's 10th birthday. I can't believe a decade has past. Amelia is everything I hope for in a daughter. I love her imagination, her emotions, and her big laugh. As much as some days I am ready to lock her in the room for talking back to me, I love that she questions authority and never settles. She fights with all her might for what she believes in. She sees below the surface. She notices body language and nuances and she is empathetic. The past 10 years have seriously flown by and I am looking forward to the next 10. I didn't think it was possible but we are growing even closer than we were on this trip!

I decided to make her birthday extra special this year and have a day of 10 surprises. Below are each of the surprises.
Number 1 - Alex and I woke her up with bubbles

Number 2 - Alex gave Amelia a beautiful necklace

Number 3 - Alex and I drew a huge colored chalk Happy Birthday sign

Number 4 - I bought those mini boxes of sugar cereal

Number 5 - We took Amelia to a craft market and she spent the money Nanny Donna gave her for her birthday. She was a great bargainer! She managed to get a hat, shorts, a shirt and still had $20 EC left for treats!

Number 6 - Graham and I paid to get Amelia's hair beaded

Number 7 - We gave Amelia a new tube for swimming with

Number 8 - Veggie Chow Mein!!! Her favorite

Number 9 - Passion Fruit and Mango smoothie

Number 10 - Fabric Paint

Amelia made a cake the night before and we had the neighbor kids and our new friends Wei, Ross and Ishbel over to celebrate!


  1. I remember this day 10 years ago as Earl, Chantelle, Jason and I sat and waited for the arrival of our little angel. It brings tears to my eyes. How the time has flown. So glad that she had a great day and I loved talking to her the other night.
    Miss you so much it hurts.

  2. Happy Birthday Millie!
    Wish we could have been there to enjoy it with you!

  3. I was just telling justin the story of Amelia's birth the other day. My highlights of that day include (but are not limited to); sourdough bread, swimming, a garden planted in Amelia's honour, and waiting on the stairs with Jason.
    I enjoyed the article describing your day. Mom cried.
    Peace Out

  4. Amelia Sorry I couldn't help you celebrate your special day like you helped me celebrate mine. I'm at Leila's house right now waiting to go to Lethbridge to help my mom celebrate her 80th birthday. All birthdays are special and I'm glad you had a special one this year.
    Happy Birthday and lots of hugs and kisses
    Nana Cheryl

  5. Wow 10 surprises what a great idea!
    It looks like you had a great birthday and it was nice that your friends could be there to enjoy your cake. Happy Birthday Millie!!

  6. I forgot to say your hair looks great!

  7. miss you millard!

    -Uncle Rob