October 16, 2008

Spending Uncle Rob's Money.....

Today was the day that the kids have been waiting for, for a while! Uncle Rob gave both the kids $30 bucks when we left Toronto, to buy themselves something. The $30 has been burning a hole in their pockets ever since.

We headed by bus to the capital city of St. George. The first thing on the agenda was a hair cut for me. We found a great little beauty shop with AIR CONDITIONING and a TV with Fraiser on???? We all could of spent the day in there. We then headed up and down the streets and into all the little shops, so many interesting things. Alex found a great wallet for $2 and a beautiful necklace for Amelia for her b-day for $12. They both split the cost on a couple of really nice presents for Nanny and Papa, in hopes they come down for a visit! Amelia found a really cool shirt with "Yes I'm Pretty" written in bedazzle across the front, for only $4 and she also got a keychain.

They were both really happy when in amongst so many different shops and smells, we came across a SUBWAY! Amelia got her favorite veggie sub and Alex his, the BMT! A little taste of home.

Amelia got in a fight with a nasty shop keeper. She went in to ask how much the bikini was in the window and the lady said $30ec (which is about $12cdn) and Amelia said oh thats to much for me, since she didn't have that much money left. The lady thought Amelia meant that $30 was too much for a bikini and she proceed to blast her. I walked in, in the middle of it and explained to the lady that Amelia was spending her own money and didn't have that much left. Once she realized she started laughing. Geeesssh!

Our last stop was the fruit and veggie market. We got a bag of mangoes, passion fruit and sweet oranges for $2 a bag. We got a bunch of tiny bananas for only $1.

We got home and Graham was already home from the boat and making fresh lime juice, with limes from the tree out back! He then whipped up an amazing curry for inside the four Rotti's I bought at the market. Right now we all full and have finished a tournament of battleship and are just waiting for survivor to begin. All in all, a pretty cool day. THANKS UNCLE ROB!!!!


  1. What a cool day. And what great buys you all found! I love your new shirt Millie :)
    That is the biggest band-aid on your arm that I've ever seen. Hope you heal up quickly.
    Mandy and Joe are anxious to go spend Rob's birthday money too :)

  2. What bargains it made me wish I could go shopping there. I bet you guys were surprised to find a sub way... who would have thought. I loved your outfit Millie it looked so good on you. Its amazing what 30 dollars can buy you there. Were the bananas you bought different from the ones in your backyard. So who is everyone hoping wins survivor.


  3. Sounds like you all enjoyed your trip shopping and even having subway! Whoever would have thought!I read about the beating of schoolkids there and think back to when we were going to school.We used to get the strap whenever the Nuns thought we deserved it.And we'd get it again at home if our parents found out,which somehow they always did.Not saying it was right but it made us especially careful.The Nun whacked me across the arm once for whispering as she was returning to the classroom.That hurt,so I can imagine having to hold your hands out for it.ouch!I;ll say one thing about it,the classrooms were quiet and we could think clearly & everyone behaved:)I just read Griff's last 2 blogs and they were frightening.I would have been petrified and where could you go to be safe?Sounds like the place they are moored in is at least sheltered a bit but still they did have some damage and maybe more by now.Scarey stuff !Hope Amelia's arm is improving by now.Theresa said you told her that there'd been no change,last time I spoke to her.I get all the news from her so I don't look in here as often:)Too busy with the Family Tree stuff.Stay safe & will look in on monday......Gail