October 05, 2008

Church in Grenada

Today we went to church and I thought it might be fun to have a blurb from each of us on the experience. We all feel very lucky to have found such kind and generous landlords in Grenada, who would welcome us into their church the way they did. Enjoy!

"Church with the Blackette's was an intense and intimate experience. I liked the sense of community and fellowship in the church. After the service many people came to greet us with that trademark genuine Grenada warmth. The service was so different from anything I have ever been involved in. The service was the polar opposite of who I am: being loud, animated and intense. I know that the collection of money is a part of the service but it always bothers me to see it. The drive for cash seems to taint the message that was given." - Graham

"Church today was the longest and the most non-understandable. I sat through it for 5 hours. One person was suppose to come up and say "Thank You for inviting me" and she had a two hour speech. I spent the whole night before trying to find a dress to wear and I wish I would have had something more fancy. At least the muffins they handed out were yummy. There was lots and lots and lots of singing and Halleluiahs and Amens and Praise the lords." - Amelia

"The 1st hour was ok, the next 6 hours were boring. There was a band that played in the first hour which was nice. Then the two hour lady came up as I would put it. Then just when I thought it was done, it wasn't. The people here let their emotions out, for instance they yell helejuhah and amen randomly." - Alex

"I felt very out of place in the church. Everyone showed their emotions by waving their hands, clapping, shaking, dance, and Halleluiahing! I was interested but fully aware that I was awkward. The singing was fun. It isn't often you see an electric and bass guitar and full set of drums in a church. The sermon had some great messages and I did feel inspired. I believe in God and I truly felt his presence in the church. There were moments during the sermon where it got to much for me. Too much yelling and messages I didn't necessarily agree with. We left our house at 7am and we got back home 1:30. I think it was an overdose of church after being absent for so long but I still wouldn't have wanted to miss it!" - Julie


  1. Wow I have to say that was the funniest blogg yet!!OMG I cant stop laughing. I could just picture you all there. That is the longest time yet that I heard of anyone staying in church. Millie you looked beautiful in what you were wearing.I loved the picture and thanks for sharing that experience with us. To funny!!

  2. LOL Love it! Keep going to church so you can keep the funny blogs coming!

  3. Ya, ROTFL!!!!! LOL!!!
    Millie's post made me laugh out loud here at work.
    6 hours!!?!??!

  4. Haa HAaa i too laughed out loud at work................Awesome!! hahahaha

  5. Now you will appreciate our one hour service. Great blog, loved how you each shared and I just can't imagine you all in the center of all that "Praising".
    Earl and I both laughed out loud.

  6. 6 hours! I get impatient saying grace! funny blog, I loved it.

    uncle rob

  7. you should go to the church of Robianity - the service lasts 3 minutes

  8. That is funny, sounds like it was a service for people that had Tourette syndrome with all the random yelling.... nothing wrong with Tourette's by the way.

  9. Your comments got us laughing. Love the grace comment, love the "Robianity" one too and omg we laughed about Bthacks..."nothing wrong with Tourette's by the way."....so funny and so Brian!!! Miss you guys.
    Julie and Graham