October 24, 2008

Our new "BUG" normal.....

The first couple of weeks here, I was jumping and screaming and calling Graham or Alex to kill or scare away freaky bugs or critters, but now they have become our normal. Each time we walk outside you catch sight of a lizard scurrying away from you. They are really quick but Alex and Amelia are quicker and they managed to catch one and then they put it on our boat to eat any bugs that may have made their way inside when the roof was off! They named it Mr. Greenbeans. Graham saw it the other day in our forward bathroom, doing his job!

The cockroaches are the yuckiest. The other night I came out to the kitchen to get a glass of water and there was a huge red one with what looked like a suit of amour on. It ran so fast from the stove across the counter and under the sink, it was insane. The next morning we tried to find it but it is gone.

The funniest thing I have seen is when Graham took the cabbage out of the fridge last night and he jumped and yelped and there on the floor was a little frog that had jumped out of it. Unfortunately it was half dead and Alex did the honors of removing it.

The most beautiful bug we have seen is this really colorful, acrobatic, catepillar. I probably never would of noticed them but Graham seems to have an eye for these things and called our attention to them. Once we saw the first one, the trees came alive and we saw MANY! Funny how that works.

The grasshoppers here are 10 times bigger than the grasshoppers we know. It is like they are on steroids. You can't help but stop and watch, it is like a freaky movie. I still feel a little scared when I see them.

We have a huge abundance of these ummmm cross between a fly and hornet thingy's. They don't seem to bother us but if you do get in their way they sting. Alex was stung once by one. The "no see ums" seem to be the worst though. Our feet and ankles are all chewed up.

Our normal is slowly changing........


  1. Hey Julie, Graham, Alex and Amelia;

    Homayoon and I have been catching up, reading all your posts all morning - what an amazing trip! I also have to say that you are a really great writer - I can see you making this into a book one day!

    You have had your ups and downs, but it is all part of the experience, and you have such a great attitude! We are really getting jealous - we need to plan another family adventure trip!

    We will stay tuned!

    Martha and Homayoon

  2. Glad you have Mr. Greenbeans taking care of you :)

    Love the critter pictures!

  3. That is a cool lizard you are holding there freckles!

    Put it next to your mom's head the next time she takes a nap and we will see just how much she doesn't mind the creepy-crawlies.

    (video-tape it for the blog too)

    Uncle Rob

  4. I can see Rob doing just that if he were there:) Mr. Greenbeans is actually adorable!I wish we had a few here to turn loose on the earwigs and spiders....Gail

  5. Interesting blogg about the bugs. They all look so huge!! I hate bugs of any kind and those wasps you talked about gave me the willies. Is Mr Greenbeans planing on traveling with you or are you setting him free before your voyage.Trese

  6. pop em in a bowl of chocolate and you've got yourself desert!