December 03, 2012

Half Way Baby!!

Yesterday at 8pm we reach the 1500 nm halfway point! Can I hear a "Woot Woot?" We all waited anxiously for the last mile to tick down and then we all let out a "WaaHoo" and Amelia handed out these individually wrapped chocolate covered cherries they got in the canary islands. Turns out they were each filled with heavy we each did our shot. lol. This morning Amelia is just now making us peach and nutella crepes to celebrate! Funny to watch her as I type lean the right direction on cue and grab hold when she feels a violent roll coming on. She is also sliding bowls and cans forward and holding them just at the right moment. Like she is dancing. I should mention that she is obviously also singing as she works. This is of course Amelia! She also somehow manages to look fabulous? Man I love this kid.

Ok, ever wonder what it would be like to be in a washing machine? Well we no longer need to wonder. The price we pay for speed is a rough confused sea. Lovely!

Last night while Alex and I were on watch the waves were quite big and we were twisting into them and surfing down. It felt like you could reach out and touch them standing next to you. We watched as schools of flying fish would escape from a wave ready for flight only to find Salty Ginger in their path and need to redirect course. I kind of figured that it was just a matter of time before we had visitor.

Alex was at the helm at the back (tethered in) and I was stretched out in the cockpit facing him. We take turns getting a little shut eye. All of a sudden I hear a thud just like a paint ball against canvas on our splash guard. I know it won't be long until I have a fish on me. I am a bit jumpy now.

Sure enough not 10 minutes later flying fish #1 in the cockpit and flapping its wings rapidly trying to escape. I leap up so high and race under the dodger. Alex had his ear buds in and looks up and yells, "Why are you running away from me?" He is totally confused. Finally he realizes and manages to release the fish back to the sea. He is thoroughly grossed out though. He says that they are really greasy and smelly and the scales come off in your hands. Yuck.

I settled back down and just close my eyes and #2 on my legs. Again cue Julie to jump out of her skin, cue Alex to rescue fish. Ok I learned my lesson I retired to the other less comfortable side of the cockpit. I got myself all settled in and was still a bit jumpy but managed to relax a bit and guessed #3!!

Totally insane. I am looking forward to the waves decreasing in size and Salty Ginger to once again be perched well above them!


  1. From t he sounds of it you guys might need another shower. Lol I would be totally grossed out if a fish landed on me....especially a greasy one! So excited that you are half way.before I read ths blogg I was looking at the blue spot thinking you were half way there.....won't be long now. Love trese

  2. Making great time! Luckily Alex was there to save you from the flying fish. LOL I went to see The Life of Pi the other day. There is a great flying fish scene in the movie. I wondered if you guys had encountered them this time.

  3. I think you would die if you went in a washing machine.