December 12, 2012

Canned Brussel Sprouts

So close I can taste it. The miles seem to be ticking off so slowly. These past few days have tested our sailing skills. Lots of wind and very big seas. Shocking how fast we could go with only a skiff of genoa and a bit of main out. We had to take down our bimini again last night as it was causing to much windage. Ok on the plus side the wind is coming from behind and we are all pretty acclimatized to the roll.

I said to Graham last night I wonder what a person would think if they were teleported into our cockpit with this extreme roll. I then paused and said..."I wonder what I would think if I was teleported here!" I remember googling 'scary sailing waves' before we started our sailing adventure in 2007. No need for google images anymore, these waves will be forever etched in my memory.

Yesterday I was singing away to Amelia and all of a sudden I see this strange thing which looked like it was floating just above the water. Amelia thought I was still singing as I said.."I'm confused, I'm confused." Finally we were close enough to see that it was a floating buoy? Of course I said "Seismic Bella." lol

Alex and I saw a low flying plane last night on watch. We haven't seen any air traffic, so we thought this was a bit strange. Hope all is well with the other sailors out here. Not much else new on board. We all feel like scurvy is coming on. I tore into a can of pineapple this morning and it was not satisfying at all. I need fruit and greens and juice!

We realized that our grocery shopping was cutting it a bit close. We are running out of interesting snacks and drinks. We still have great meals though so this is a plus. Last night porkchops, mash potatoes and canned brussel sprouts..which were surprisingly good. Tonight homemade spaghetti meat sauce and pasta. Yum.

Alex seems to be in his element out here. He is always smiling. Anytime I am feeling yuck or grumpy I just have to look over at him and seriously 90% of the time he has a smile on his face. Amelia is really wanting to get there. She can hardly contain her excitement. Graham is my "Captain Awesome." Always positive and picking up more than his share of the work and watches. The lack of sleep the last few days with the high wind and wave has caused me to be a bit grumpy...ok maybe a lot grumpy. I called my sister and dad today from our satellite phone and quickly realized that life is good. It was just the pick me up I needed to buck up. We then proceeded to blast Jimmy Buffets Christmas cd and we sang away. Fun.

Flying fish are at an all time high. The deck of our boat is their graveyard. One of us will have to put the harness on and go and clear them all off eventually. It is really crazy. Now that the bimini is down, at night you see them fly across above you. Very unnerving! Well the sun is setting and soon it will be dark, dark, dark, so dark. Everything seems a bit more big in the dark. We are thinking about 35 more hours to go!!

Oh they are all yelling "Fish" in the cockpit...gotta run!


  1. You know you're in need of fresh food when canned brussel sprouts start to taste good. You're so close. I can feel the excitement. Which I could be there to welcome you!

  2. Oops, I guess Mandy logged into my computer. LOL

    1. Wow, I was going to say Mandy is sounding so mature now!

      LOL :)


  3. We are following you with anticipation....'are we nearly there yet'. Looking forward to hearing of your arrival....well done skipper & crew, fair winds and small seas for the rest of your trip Sue & Tristan

  4. Mmmmm....canned brussel sprouts.

  5. hey guys. glad to see everything is going well. can't wait till you guys are in antigua.we now live in jolly harbour on the water. 405 d and our number is 268 764 4494. if you guys need anything give me a call. see you soon

  6. Congratulations to all the crew on Salty Ginger!! Job well done. Seriously I mean ate "canned" brussel sprouts!!:) Joking aside I wish you beautiful sailing weather as you finish your last 100 miles of sailing into Antigua.:) I am so...excited for you all!! With anitciaption of your arrival, Darlene