November 08, 2010

New Zealand Welcoming Committee

The New Zealand Welcoming Committee arrived this morning at 6am. I was sitting in the cockpit organizing our photos and wondering if we would ever see dolphins again on this journey. I got up to scan the horizon for vessels and I thought I saw a fin cut through the water. I jumped up on deck and surveyed the waters around Artemo and waited a few moments and then.....we were surrounded by dolphins.

The water was full of them and the sun was just rising, so each time they jumped or skimmed the surface the sunlight danced on their bodies. I raced to the bow and soaked it in. It was freezing cold but so worth it. I whistled to the dolphins to jump and each time as if on cue in a theme park they all would jump. It still isn't normal for me. Seeing dolphins is still magical and fills me with awe.

I realized I better wake up Alex and Amelia and give them the option of getting out of their warm berths and braving the cold to see what might be our last dolphins on this voyage. Alex was the first up and he soaked it all in within a few minutes and then hurried back to bed. Amelia was up next and her smiling face shone in the sunlight. It was nice to take it all in with her.

The dolphins have now moved off and I am back under the blanket in the cockpit. The water is so calm and the winds are just right. It is perfect. Great day for us to do some more cooking and begin organizing the boat for our NZ arrival!!!

Before the kids went back to bed they each asked the same question that is asked about 100 times a day..."How many more miles to go?". They were happy to hear that we have only 140 miles left which is the perfect amount for our afternoon arrival tomorrow.


  1. Wow Julie you guys made great time. Your mother thought you would be arriving on Thursday. I guess you only have a few hours now till you arrive. so happy that your trip went well. I loved your welcome committee. I could just picture you all watching them and freezing all at the same time. Sure hope it warms up for you soon.
    Stay safe Trese

  2. wow sounds awesome. you and the dolphins. the dolphin whisperer.

  3. JEALOUS!!! I love Dolphins. Swimming with them in Mexico was an item off my bucket list. To see them like that in their natural environment would be so magical. Hope all is well. Im feeling a little lonley as my family is scattered across the globe at the moment. Havent heard from mom and dad, but no news is good news right.
    Love to all!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX