November 07, 2010

Lost that race

Well we lost the race with the weather. We pretty much knew it was inevitable. It was so strange to have two days of beautiful blue sky and calm sea and know that soon enough it was all going to turn to yuck....and it did! Luckily we have had ALOT of bad weather sailing experience so 25 to 30 knots on the nose in bumpy confused seas for 24 hours was just a walk in the park for us...LOL....ok someone knock on wood for me...I am not tempting fate.

The thing that makes it so hard in this kind of weather is the rain and the spray over the decks. Everything gets wet and it is so extremely cold now. At night the temperature must get down to single digits. Last night I could even see my breath. I had 7 layers on including 2 rain jackets. We only have a few pairs of socks on board and most of them are soaked now BUT this is all behind us now!

The sky is blue with a few puffy white clouds and the sea isn't so bad and we are ripping through the water at about 6.5 knots. We are able to sail our rum line which is on a close hauled point of sail. Our missen is working beautifully to help point us up. All is good in the hood. We have about 230 miles to go and if we average at least 5 knots which equates to 120 miles a day, then we will be in on November 9th (...your Nov 8th) at around 4pm. Yippeee. We are all watching the miles tick down.

We have been watching 24 on this voyage. We trade off on our partners but two of us go below and watch an episode and then the other two. We are on season 5 and it is VERY addicting. Gotta love Jack.

We are trying to eat all our meat, cheese and fruit/veg before we arrive in New Zealand since they take it all away. We should be arriving a few pounds heavier. I bought a stalk of green bananas when we left and they are all ripe now and we are all so sick of bananas that there they sit. We are even sick of banana sad.

The weather files are predicting the same weather we have now for the next couple of days (knock on some more wood for us). They say the wind should even subside, so we may have to fire up the iron ginny....we will see.

We are talking and thinking about you all and the word "excited" is used probably 100 times a day.

Dreaming of New Zealand.


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