June 14, 2010

Taking a Bath on Artemo

STEP ONE: Clean fish blood from your bath bucket. Do this by using small bucket with rope attached and swinging down into ocean and grabbing bucket full of water to wash the bigger bucket with.

STEP TWO: Hoist the 5 gallon water can from the pantry below to the cockpit

STEP THREE: Pour a small amount of water in the bath bucket. Be very conservative with the water. All 4 crew members will be using this water.

STEP FOUR: Position cockpit cushion across the companionway opening or yell, "don't look up here" and wash your body

STEP FIVE: Pour out fresh water

STEP SIX: If you have long hair use the ocean water to shampoo and condition your hair. Use small bucket to retrieve ocean water for your bath bucket

STEP SEVEN: Pour out ocean water

STEP EIGHT: Pour in a little bit of fresh water and do a final rinse of your hair

STEP NINE: Repeat for all four crew member

STEP TEN: Clean up the wet mess in your cockpit

STEP ELEVEN: Hang all wet towels from your life lines

STEP TWELVE: Ask the captain again why installing a shower isn't a priority???!!!


  1. The Acreage - Fort MacleodJune 14, 2010 at 5:20 AM

    I thought you guys had the hang-up sun showers! They work great
    Of course it is easier to do the first course with the sea water when you can just jump off the side!!!!
    Dad and Cheryl.

  2. You never mentioned heating the water...which makes me think it may be cold...yikees!! A cold shower would be horrible. Love the blogg and make that man of yours get u a shower!

  3. OMG!! It is wash...rinse...REPEAT!!!!