June 21, 2010

Night Watch - Deep Thoughts....

I know.....yet another blog. Forgive me, I have nothing but time out here :-)!

This South Pacific passage is like the gateway to the world for me. I feel like we have finally been given the key to the locked door we have been knocking on for so long. There are moments out here when it all hits me and I am overwhelmed with emotion. We are finally here! I am so happy to have 20 some days to reflect on this fact, rather than running to the next goal. It feels good to revel in it for a while.

I feel this sense of power. I find myself wondering what else there is that I can do with my life that I haven't even imagined yet. Is it really as easy as setting a goal, making a list and forging ahead through thick and thin? If this is true that opens a whole different door! hmmmm possibilities fill my head out here at sea and nothing but time to explore and think through each one.

Enough of my night watch "deep thoughts"......We had another day of squalls yesterday. Artemo handles them beautifully. At one point the wind was blasting at 28 knots and it was pouring rain. I cracked opened the door just a pinch and peeked below to see what was going on. A warm blast of heat hit me from the cooking. It looked cozy down there with the soft glow of our lights on. Graham was just finishing up making dinner and telling Alex how to play solitaire. Alex was on the computer at the navigation station. Amelia's fresh baked cookies were cooling on the non skid on the table. Graham yelled out, "Amelia dinner time" and I heard her from the back call out, "coming".

I got my warm fuzzy feeling and quietly closed the door. Nice to be able to peek in on normal every once in a while when "crazy" is blasting around you. Not to long after that I heard a knock on the door and I opened it up and out comes my yummy spaghetti dinner.

We finished our 4 baths today. I feel glorious. We each heated up a pot of water today for the occasion. (good idea Theresa) This added an extra step but so totally worth it!

12 days out and we haven't had to run our engine yet. We truly are a sailboat. We are also almost making enough power from our wind generators and solar panels to stay topped up. Every few days Graham runs our Honda generator to bring us back to 100%. We have gone through 2 tanks of water so far, so we are making water to fill them back up. It is so cool to have everything we need to survive on board.

As far as garbage goes we have about 1/2 a bag now. All our paper, food scraps, tin cans and bottles go over board. We have a bit of fresh fruit and veggies left. Probably enough for another 4 days. After that we will be onto dried fruit and canned fruits and veggies. We have tons of potatoes, onions and garlic though. Freezer still has lots of meat in it. We have been cautiously moving through it. We are making our own bread and yogurt. We have a ton of cheese. As far as food goes we are doing well.

The kids are working hard to get through their home schooling year. Amelia finished math and tossed her book to the sea. Boy was she happy. I promised Graham they would be done by the time we get to Marquesas. What was I thinking! I have told the kids they better not let me down.

Well I better run....the sun is just setting and I don't want to miss it.


  1. Dont ever apologize for writing a blogg as a matter of fact we want more! Do you know how many people log on here every morning hoping and wishing that you wrote again. We are all on this adventure with you and want to hear all about it.

    I have to say though it amazes me how Graham can cook away on something that is moving constantly. And speghetti at that!
    Unbelievable...and Millie making cookies wow!!

    I am also amazed at how you are loving being on a boat for so long without seeing land. It looks as if this voyage has done your soul some good.

    And I couldnt imagine a bath or shower with cold water lol. I bet from now on you will be heating the water up.

    Stay safe and I hope the rest of your trip is as good as the first half was.

  2. I second Trese's comment, no one will ever complain about too many blogs!

    Happy to hear all is going so well.


  3. I'm another blog follwer, you and Gromit both. I sailed with them to the Bahamas a year ago. I love reading every thought. Green with envy too!

  4. I agree with Chanty and Trese, write everyday I love to read your blogs. We are on this journey with you and hang on every word reading it over and over. Best time to think about life when you are alone with the night. Wonder what your next life chapter will be, I am sure whatever it is, it will not be boring. LOVE MOM

  5. I laughed out loud when I read Amelia threw her math book overboard. Too funny!!! :-)