January 18, 2010

"Quatro Steaka Slice a"

Now imagine the above said by me with loads of animated sign laguage and with 2 kids standing beside me, copying my movements! Too funny!

Each day the kids and I go to the grocery store for dinner items. Amelia has made a game out of it and makes a list divided out into individual lists for each of us. They hit the door running and we meet back at the till with our loot. It is challenging because everything is in Spanish. We had difficulty today finding baking powder. We are definitely learning.

Today we decided it was time to tackle the meat counter and I am so glad we did. We got 4 steaks for $6.50!! As we walked away Alex said I hope they aren't liver. We haven't ate them yet so cross your fingers.

The past couple of days our kitchen has had a few unwanted house guests. The other night Alex went in and yelled the dreaded "Cockroach"! Quite a moment, our first cockroach since we returned. Graham ran in and being the tough guy he is, he squashed the roach with his barefoot! The kids screamed in horror and I listened from the other room. Then he stood on 1 foot while the kids ran around searching for paper towel. Oh what fun. Last night Amelia and I went down to the kitchen for a glass of water and there walking slowly across the counter was a lizard. So strange. We let it live and just got our water and left.

Work on Artemo is still moving along well. Each day Graham is surprised when everyone shows up when they are suppose to and works all day. They even worked on Saturday. Graham took Sunday off due to the great progress. We all went to the Spanish Inquistion torture museum. It was really gruesome but interesting. We also managed to get kicked out of a posh hotel. We had heard that you could swim for free in their rooftop pool but we found out otherwise once in our swimsuits and of course in front of a rich english speaking crowd. How embarassing! lol

On a final note...."Look out for falling mangos". The huge trees hanging over our place are ripe with mangoes. Amelia thought there was an intruder last night but it was just the explosion of falling mangos on the tin roof. We have a bowl on the table and each day I open the front door to more treasure.


  1. I bet alex is in heaven with that Mango tree outside your door. I know how much he loves them. Sure hope you got some nice steaks and not liver haha. Alos glad to hear Graham was able to take a break from working and enjoy his sunday.
    Look forward to your next blogg.

  2. Ha, if I saw a lizard in the kitchen I think I would have left without the glass of water! Fresh mangos! You're so lucky. Love the stories. Keep them coming.

  3. So don't you wonder where the lizard went next. That is a question that would keep me up nights also wonder about the cockroaches family, where are they? I would like the mango's outside my door and the bananas also just not the banana spiders. Sounds like things are going really well on the boat, glad to hear. Keep the stories coming. Love ya

  4. Good to hear things are going smoothly. :)

    Cockroaches and lizards in the kitchen...at night...that would send me home right there. You're all so brave and not easily grossed out. Very impressive.

    I like the picture of the banana tree, and the creepy guy behind the beheading machine. I bet a torture museum would have had some interesting things on display.

    Miss ya & keep safe!

  5. Sounds like things are back to "sailing normal" Enjoy!!
    By the way, when you get back in the water, tune to the Coconut Net. We have been getting Cartegena like crazy and even got San Blas the other day. My day is Thursday
    Dad/Grampa Griff