January 11, 2010

Let the games begin

We knew that when we arrived at Artemo we wouldn't find everything we asked for done perfectly but we hoped that things would be good enough. What we found was pretty much just that. The work that we had done that is structural work looks pretty good and the work we were having done that was "nice to have" isn't.

The hull deck joint (important part) is all new, looks great and Artemo is fully painted and beautiful. We really wanted the entire cockpit fiberglassed but for some reason they only did the seats and not the side walls which was the main reason we were having the cockpit done, since the side wall had a bit of rot and a hole in it. When we arrived the fellow through a game of charades basically communicated that we should really get the walls done to! LOL. We point to the fairly large hole and try to communicate that this is what we wanted fixed and that it was included in the quote!

Unfortunately the fellow who spoke english at the yard no longer works there. We are now writing out our thoughts in English and running them through the google translator. Today is a holiday here so tomorrow let the games begin.

My vote is just to epoxy the hole in the cockpit and call her done for now. Graham is going to see if there is a more permanent solution they could do in our timelines. We are targeting to leave Cartagena at the beginning of February. We are hoping to have Martha, Kayvon and Tara join us in the San Blas islands which is just an overnite sail from Cartagena.

We are settling into our new home. I have been scrubbing at all the filth and finding more as I clean. We have found our way around the neighborhood and we nowhere all the important places are, such as the ice cream shop and the liquor store :-). I set up the kids homeschool schedule and we are full on back into it. Amelia's lesson today was all about Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Colombus! To funny.

Our Swiss roommates are quite nice and over the top adventurers. They have a landcruiser parked in the driveway and have been driving/exploring South America for the past 4 years (camping) and before that Africia. You can imagine the stories! They both have to be in their 60s. To cool.

Hard to believe that just last week we were skiing....so strange....


  1. It was so great to see your blog here when I returned from work. The place looks nice from the outside and the ice cream looks good. Sounds like things are on par for what you expected. Nice for you to have company so soon. love the pictures. Enjoy the warmth. take care, love you all

  2. LOL! Thats not our place mom. I wish!

  3. I was wondering how you were all doing, and then I remembered the blog! It is great to see that things are progressing. I will remember to keep checking! :)