October 24, 2012

Old People's Playground

Today we did a nice bicycle trip along the coast of Portugal. The bicycles here in the city are free to take for the day. Who doesn't love getting something for free? They are pretty basic with no gears but they did the trick.

The coast is beautiful and there was a really nice bike trail for the 7 kms. The ocean seems so powerful crashing violently against the rocky shore. I am hoping mother (ocean) calms down before we depart.
Once again I was at the back of the Perry pack. Gone are the days of me waiting for Amelia. Today she had to stop her bike and wait for me to catch up. I kept thinking that maybe it was my bike but after I had traded with both Alex and Graham and was still trailing, I realized sadly that the problem was not the bike. At least my family was nice about it....NOT......get more exercise is at the top of my list of to dos.
On our journey we passed a playground but I had to do a double take since it was filled with old people on the equipment! Of course we had to stop and get a pic. Such a great idea. They all seemed to be enjoying the exercise and probably could of whooped my butt on the bike!
After 15 kms we turned back in our bikes and Amelia announced that it was high time we hit McDonalds in Europe. Off we went to counteract any good we had done on the bike with 4 big Mac meals. Omg they were good!

Tomorrow is a massive laundry and school day and later in the week we will take the subway to Lisbon. We are all cruiser deprived :-(....we haven't met anyone yet and I pity the people we meet first because we will be on them like butter on toast! For now though happy hours continue with our team of 4.


  1. A bike tour along the coast of Portugal sounds amazing. So jealous. We're covered in snow here.

  2. Hey - next you have to look for a TIMS!!!!
    Dad and Cheryl/Grampa G and Nana C

  3. I Agee with Ann Marie it sounds so wonderful and I am so glad that we sort of come along with you. Lots of snow here and I had a flu shot today. winter in Alberta has begun...

  4. The old person playground sounds creepy!

  5. If you did 15 kil on a bike you are NOT out of shape....Geesh!

  6. That was just me this damn thing froze. I have so much trouble writing...god help me if I make a mistake it won't let me go back! Your bike ride sounded wonderful. That was a long way to go. Bet tat big mac tasted some good after all that exercise. I am so worried about your sailing though....so many bad storms. Take care thinking if you all. Love trese

  7. I want to go to the old people playground.