January 09, 2011

The Whole Package

By: Amelia Perry

Today was New Years Eve and all the girls of Artemo and Mojo were on Mojo sailing over to a small town named Paihai where the fireworks would take place that evening. When we got to the anchorage mom quickly brought out some chocolate gooey's. Yummm! Mia handed out tea and we all decided to play Cranium before the boys arrived. As soon as we started to play the boys called and we had to go pick them up. Our day to this point had already been very full it was hard to believe that it could get better but we soon found out that this was only part of the Mojo New Years Eve package.

When we got back from fetching the boys we finished our game of Cranium and had our first round of food. We had pumpkin salsa with cheese flavored nachos. We then went down stairs and played the "Places" game. Nanny won and I came in second. Then we played charades and I think the opposing team won. Still this was just part of the Mojo package.

For the next part of the evening we ate and ate and ate. We ate tuna, egg salad, chicken strips, burgers and guacamole. We played games, the adults drank and the New Year came closer. We all were so excited. When there was only four more minutes to go until the New Year a voice came over the radio and said, "We are now in position, ready to fire the fireworks just off the shore of Paihai." We all looked around to see if we could see the boat that would give the show and then we saw it. It was the boat closest to us and we had front row seats!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone screamed with joy as the New Year came. The fireworks went off and it was the most amazing thing ever! They all bounced forward at us and fell down through the sky like shooting stars. This was the WHOLE Mojo Package.

Thank you Ondene (the mom of Mojo) for making New Years Eve 2010 one I will never forget.


  1. It is also a New Years Eve that I will never forget. The fireworks was the icing on an amazing cake. Thank you Ondean and Girls, for the boat ride, the morning walks, the games, the food, the wine and the great company. If you can't find work in New Zealand come to Canada!

    Nautical Nanny

  2. Sounds way better than my New Year's Eve :)
    Glad to hear you all had such a good time!