September 15, 2010

Mass Stripping Frenzy

I love the moments out here when I can actually see the kids surpassing my knowledge and comfort level. I found when we were back home these moments would usually slip by and I wouldn't really notice them. Out here they are so often defined by action, that they are hard to miss.

The morning we left Palmerston we readied Artemo for passage. We tied up the ladder, attached all the splash guards, did up the gates, stored away all the gear and prepared to lift the anchor. Just as we were about to turn on the engine Alex spotted whales not to far off. We postponed a few moments and just watched in awe. All of sudden the kids realized they were coming towards us. In a flash Amelia jumps down below and begins throwing up their snorkel gear. I was in shock. She says, "This time we are getting in with them!"

Alex thought this was a great idea to and there was a mass stripping frenzy and snorkel gear flying. I told Graham to hurry, hurry. I told him he had to get in with them. There was no time for him to go get swim trunks, since the kids were going. He just had time to whip off his shirt before the kids had jumped over board into the ocean with the WHALES!!!

My heart was RACING! "Get in Graham, get in", I was shouting. The winds were really high and I worried about the current. Alex wasn't waiting for no one. He swam off ahead. Graham jumped in and grabbed Amelia's hand. I tried to watch from deck as I could see HUGE whales and the three most important people in my life snorkeling next to them. Unbelievably amazing. I ran around untying the ladder, attaching a long rope off the back of the boat given the current, getting their fins to pass to them, getting the camera and all the while trying to take it all in. Attempting to do all these things with tear filled eyes was very difficult.

I was just so proud and in awe of my kids. Even despite all my freaky worrying over protective ways they have become fearless adventurous young people. I am so thankful for this.

Once the whales moved off and they climbed back on board. They describe how beautiful it was to watch the whales from under the water. There was no blasting of the wind....just peaceful calm. Alex said that it he loved that he could check out the spots on the whales and their eyes. They said it was a mama whale and a baby. Amelia was so excited. I am sure you can all imagine her excitedly loud fast talking about all she had seen.

Moments like these fill me up. I didn't manage to get any photos but I can tell you that these images will never be forgotten. Man I love these kids.


  1. What a perfect wonderfully amazing experience!! Those kids are so lucky!! Can't wait to hear all about it in person next summer.

  2. The Acreage - Fort MacleodSeptember 15, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    Soak it all in and put it in a special spot. You can relive it from a rocking chair (before your memory goes!!!!!)
    Dad and Cheryl

  3. I can just imagine those kids and Graham watching the wales from under the water. What an amazing experience. wow! Mom

  4. wow! fearless and inspiring!