July 27, 2010

High highs and Low lows

Tahutaka Marquesas

Enroute to Tuomotos


I have heard Alex describe life out here to many people and he always is sure to include the fact that it is "High Highs and Low Lows".......ain't that the truth!! So strange how one day you can be riding a beautiful bicycle along a lush green atoll and the next day be bashing into waves and throwing up overboard! Oiy!

So where to begin......lets start with the HIGHS! Tuomotos were beautiful. We had 5 wonderful holiday days. Our days consisted of snorkeling, snuba diving, French baguette runs into the village, bike riding, swinging off the Gromit boat, feeding the fish, pearl farm touring and exploring. Highlight for me was having Alex take my hand while we were snorkeling and guide me up to a black tip reef shark. Absolutely terrifying but really really cool. Everyday when the kids would jump in they would see sharks. It was so strange to watch the kids so excited to be snorkeling and diving with them. I remember one day ......while I was in the dinghy watching everyone snorkeling....I saw Graham, Alex and Mike way off and I heard Alex say, "Wow, guys there is a huge shark over here". Amelia and Zoe were a ways off and I yelled over to them, "Alex just saw another big one". They both began to swim as fast as they could IN THE DIRECTION OF ALEX to see it! It is strange as a mom to have this mix of pride for their fearlessness and understanding of the underwater world but also since I am so totally not as cool as they are....to be full of this worry that I have to try and work so hard to suppress. I am working at trying to overcome my fears, especially those that my mind knows are unfounded. I could work harder though :-)....starting tomorrow!

We said goodbye to the Tuomotos and left late in the afternoon enroute for Tahiti. From the distances we knew it would be about a 2 night sail. We exited the pass for the atoll and had jumping dolphins at our sides as we surfed out. For the next 12 hours or so we had beautiful calm seas and light winds. We enjoyed spaghetti in the cockpit and settled into our cruising routine.......

Now for the LOWs....The remainder of the trip we had the wind pretty much on the nose and the waves pounding just off our bow. The up and down motion of the boat made Alex and I so sick. Graham didn't feel 100% either but Amelia (thank god) was right as rain. Not only did I feel sick to my stomach but I had a splitting headache. It was so bad. At the peak of my sickness when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Alex woofed his cookies right next to me. Nothing worse than being sick and having to clean up after someone else. Amelia was a trooper. We kept thinking that maybe if we ate we would feel better. She made us rice and beets. She cut up oranges and passion fruit. She brought us drinks. She brought us cold cloths. She covered us in a blanket. She checked on us regularly. One side of the cockpit was drenched from all the water we kept taking over the side from the waves. Every so often the far side would get soaked to. We were to sick to care and just laid on the soaked cushion in our full rain gear and prayed for the night to end. Graham and I stuck to our 4 hours on, 4 hours off schedule and we both felt so crappy that we spent our 4 hours each time in bed. I was so happy to see Tahiti come into sight but it seemed to take forever to get to the anchorage. The moment our anchor was set, we jumped into our bathing suits and swam. I was shocked how quickly the awful feeling left me. Pretty much as soon as I had washed my hair in the ocean. It was like I washed away all the sickness.

and then the HIGH HIGHs were back! WE ARE IN TAHITI riding the HIGH. Way cool. Oh and best of all.....today we went to the outdoor market and we bought lettuce. Beautiful, magnificent lettuce. We have been so veggie and fruit deprived. We have spent the past two days gorging ourselves. I am so grateful for lettuce.....oh and of course the fact that there seems finally to be more highs than lows on this adventure.


  1. The Acreage - Fort MacleodJuly 26, 2010 at 6:04 AM

    You are in Mutiny on the Bounty country. As you said in your note to us, you should bone up on that stuff while you are on your "High". Hope Tahiti is great - stay safe
    Dad and Cheryl

  2. Miss u all . Amazing adventure . be safe and love to all.
    Alex and I will have to do a Bluefin / Yellow fin tuna trip when u sail into my harbor . Seeing two hundred pounders 45 miles out this year . Lots of Dorado as well .
    love Geoff

  3. Such great blogs! Reading them isn't as good as being there, but maybe the next best thing.? Take care of Artemo, and it takes care of you, taking you to places so many of us dream of!
    Can't wait for the next blog.

  4. I just like hearing about the high highs...lol

    We like to believe it is always perfect out there.

  5. I know how it feels to be sea sick, so sorry for you guys. Lucky Amelia to be free of it. Love the high high stories and also need to hear the low low so I won't be too jealous. Glad that Tahiti is so great. Enjoy the fresh lettuce, love salad in the summer.

  6. hey perrys
    i too am addicted to your blogs. so inspiring. im now on the fast track to rigging shala up and soon will be living the dream as you guys are. you go. im looking everyday for a new story. hehe. such an adventure. you guys are my heros.

  7. Hey all. Havent left a message in awhile but thought i would let you all know i am reading everyday and loving the pictures. Even got the people from work huddling around the puter looking at your bit of paradise!!!
    Love to you all!

  8. Hello Captain&Crew!
    Great pictures. Your blog is part of my daily routine at work!! I too have co workers looking at your bit of paridise!!!! Such a great adventure. Take Care.
    Love C.J

  9. I also have co-workers looking at your adventure. I'll bet you would be amazed at how many people are following. I also print it off for my friend who reads it to her family to further share the adventure. This is already a book you see.