May 20, 2010

Power Point

Tuesday, May 18th - 51 hours at sea now. We are making decent time. Our radar is fantastic. We have avoided a few squalls with it. You can see your position on the screen and the blotches of the squalls and the direction they are moving. My birthday has been fantastic. Amelia was up at 5:30 waiting for me to wake up so that she could make my day special. As soon as I woke up she became my faithful servant for the day. She keeps asking if I would like anything and brings me stuff. She made me this bag full of tickets that has all these nice things on them that she will do for me. There are streamers strung everywhere. I chuckle every time Graham has to duck to get up on deck. He isn't quite as amused by Amelia's antics as I am. I equate him to "Snuffleuffagus" today and Amelia to the energizer bunny. They don't mix to well.

Graham made me a beautiful breakfast of pancakes and blueberry sryup and for lunch home made soup, so good. I finally got to eat those yummy shortbread. I opened all my presents. The best present was a power point presentation (you know how I love power point) that Amelia and Alex did all on their own. It was amazing. They taped singing and speaking on various slides and added some music to one of them. They put in an assortment of pictures and the show told the story of the time we spend together. It is really great. I keep re watching it.

The day has been overcast which is really nice. It isn't to hot, it is just right. Graham and I tend to catch up on our sleep during the day. The kids read, watch shows, sit up on deck and talk and of course fish. I might have to start cracking the whip on home schooling soon. I think we are almost over the "lounge around and do nothing" days.

Last night we were all eating dinner at the table down below and watching MASH and Amelia says, "I almost forgot we were sailing"! It is strange what you can get use to.


  1. Gotta love a good powerpoint! :)

  2. You've got 2 pretty terrific kids there!

  3. Sounds like you had a great b-day!

  4. ah yes, the perry kids like pp just like their mom.