April 16, 2010

Culture done Perry Style

Just a short note to say......OMG!!!!! We are anchor right next to the Las Perlas islands where survivor is filmed and yesterday we decided it was time for a little culture. Off we all went in our dinghy to explore the two islands and see if we could find any reminents from the show. We were a bit disappointed because all we found was half of a dugout canoe with the survivor colors on it that may or may not have been used in the show and the symbolic las Perlas rock they show in the opening credit.

We swam at the beach, which was really beautiful and walk up a couple of trails. Amelia almost got stung by a sting ray and Alex and I saw a sea snake. This was all really cool but still not the survivor adventure we were hoping for.

When we were packed up to leave we decided to do a drive by the other island and as we came closer and closer I realized that there was a SURVIVOR film crew on the beach filming!!!! I started yelling at Graham, "go in to the beach, go in"! Graham being the nice guy he is, is trying not to ruin the shot for the crew (as one guy, most likely the producer is waving us away).

He finally pulled in close and I was waving my hands wildly and yelling hello hello! One of the survivors was in the water swimming and the rest of the team was around their camp being filmed. The girl in the water talked to us. She said it was Survivor and Graham asked what country and she said....I think Germany or maybe Turkey. She had the survivor bandana around her chest. We were all freaking out. It was so cool to see it from that perspective. We saw the crew tent to. Way cool!!!!

We are hoping to head out on our first leg to Galapagos tomorrow or Sunday. I will post a quick blog when we leave. I will also be posting a blog from Chris later today. He has written about his time here at Artemo. Alex says, "BEST BLOG EVER"! Thanks Chris for taking the time to come down and visit us and for writing about it. We miss you guys.

Las Perlas


  1. I was excited just reading your blogg about seeing a survivor film crew. How awesome was that? So the girl in the water was one of the players. Its not the survivor that is playing now is it? You should of asked her name. Cant wait for your next blogg.

  2. I check your blog several times a day. I can't you the thrill I get when I find a new post. And now you're promising 2 in one day. Yippee!

    After we talked yesterday I googled Survivor to find what filming you saw. Who knew so many countries have their own version of Survivor? From what I could figure, you saw Survivor Turkey vs Greece. Pretty cool. There is a trailer on youtube for it. It looks just like our Survivor, same music and everything. It also shows each of the contestants. I wonder if you would be able to pick out which one you talked to?

    Love the pic of miss Millie on the beach :-)