July 16, 2009


We did our first presentation last night on our trip to the Humber Sailing Club. We all had a lot of fun. Before we went I had to twist the kids arms to speak to a few things like provisioning and homeschooling but on the way home last night they were wanting to do another presentation with more speaking parts!!!

They really enjoyed themselves and so did Graham and I. I did the thing I always seem to do in front of a room full of people (those of you who work with me can confirm), I had that mini anxiety attack at the beginning but I let the room know that I was nervous and then it vanished. Thank god it always seems to go away once I have said it!

It was fun for us to reflect on the trip from start to finish. It seem to actually get us more excited for our next leg and everyone in the room looked like they enjoyed themselves to.

So cool to have the opportunity to inspire other people! We are hooked.

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  1. Hey - sounds like the "spirit" is alive and well in the Perry household. Good on you. See you in August