May 14, 2009

Weather Window

Well here we sit in Curasco waiting on a weather window. We made the 10 hour hop from Bonaire to Curasco on Mother's Day. We probably should have waited for better weather. The wind was high and the seas were big. We even saw gusts up to 37 knots!! Artemo does great down wind and no one except me, seemed too bothered by the gusting wind and getting belted down. Happy Mother's Day to me!

In amongst these huge waves and wind, we saw a military boat coming right at us. I couldn't believe my eyes. I yelled at Graham to get up on deck because a boat was heading right at us at mock speed. He recognized the boat right away as a military boat, so we yelled at the kids to poke their heads out to see this zodiac manoeuvring in these huge winds and waves. So there is the Perry family with this military boat at us and we are all waving and smiling. All of a sudden I realized that they probably wanted something, so Graham ran down below and turned on the radio. Sure enough they wanted to know our intentions etc. All good though.

We made it to our anchorage which was the bay we stayed at during Christmas. Graham and I somehow forgot how terrible the holding was??? It all came back to us fairly quickly as we anchored, re anchored, re anchored, and so on and so on. Finally we were exhausted and hungry and angry and we are at the front of the boat "discussing" options and still drifting. We finally arrived at a solution. We would use the pole that holds out our Genoa to hold up our second anchor and we would pull up 20 feet of chain and attach the second anchor to it. Viola! We were holding but just to be sure we each took turns staying up on anchor watch for 4 hours at a time. We are holding though. Haven't budged an inch.

So here we are in Curasco for the week waiting on the good weather this weekend. The kids begged us to use their money this week and to get Open Water Dive Certified!!!! and can you believe....I SAID YES! So since Monday, they have been taking their course all day and studying all night. I have never seen them so dedicated. It is really great. I can't tell you how frightening it is though to watch them gear up and head out to the ocean and disappear beneath the water. I think it would be so much easier if I was a diver. Tomorrow is their big test and they can only get 15 questions wrong. We are studying like mad. Cross your fingers for them. I have been taking video and pictures, so hopefully I can post a video soon of their adventure. I am so happy that my fears and worries don't seem to rub off on the two of them. They make me very proud. I on the other hand will be breathing alot easier once their final dive is done tomorrow!

We are heading to Aruba on Saturday and then we have decided to go out with a BANG and do a 3 overnight trip direct to Cartagena! Weather looks like it will be good and it will be a good test, to see how we do at multiple days at sea.

We are all talking nonstop about coming home and getting really excited. We are working on things like summer camps, school for next year, accommodation and finding work! All exciting stuff. We will post some blogs on the last leg.

Can't wait for patio season in TO!



  1. I have alkways wanted to go to Aruba...lucky you! Sounds like the kids are getting a real education with the diving. Good for them. I am excited for you coming back home to T.O. When is the expected fly out date? I would love to have you all for a barbecue once you are back in Ontario. Cant wait to see you all.

  2. They passed, they passed, they passed!!! Both are certified Open Water Divers!! So cool Way Cool. They wrote their test for almost 2 hours. Amelia got 8 wrong and Alex got 3 wrong. Way within the 15 limit! They did a 50 minute dive today and saw sting rays, eels and tons of cool fish! Julie

  3. Way to Go Alex and Amelia, we are very proud of you both!!
    Allan and I and Bev are here is sunny Victoria for the weekend. Take care on your three day sail and we will talk to you when it is over.
    Love you lots

  4. good luck to the kids for their exams....
    Hope the rest of your journey finds lots of laughter and sunshine kisses...
    Yasmin here from selah...
    sorry we said NO...

  5. WooHoo congratulations Alex and Millie!!! You 2 are SOOOO awesome!!!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures and videos.

  6. Hey Alex and Amelia - congratulations!!! Maybe next time we are at a dive site you can let your Grampa Griff join you. I would love that. Good winds and fair seas for your trip to Cartegena. I still wish we had decided to make the trip last year from the ABC's. I know you guys have the skills to handle it all
    Dad and Cheryl

  7. Wow Millie and Alex you guys are incrediable!! Good job. Now you have a new playground to explore in the ocean. We are all so proud of you.

  8. Rebecca, Sam and JulianaMay 18, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    Congrats Alex and Amelia!!! You'll have to tell us all about it when you come back to TO!