December 02, 2008

Past, Present and Future house guests!

Sunday morning we found the most disgusting creature in our guest room. It was a HUGE CENTIPEDE. Graham and I were tidying up the room for his folks (who arrive in only 2 more sleeps!!!) and I look up on the wall and OMG............of course I freak out and start doing the 'weeby geeby' dance. Amelia and Graham are laughing their heads off. Amelia grabs the camera and Graham goes to work capturing it. Once they have it contained, the kids go to show the neighbors. Turns out it is "POISONOUS" and the neighbors Dad lets us know ASAP and he proceeds with killing it. Ok, I haven't slept well since. I wake every hour or so with a startle and start smacking myself and checking the sheets. YUCK!
Some of you have heard that we now have "Sam" the kitty living with us. The kids found him by the house and they started feeding him and I laid down the law....he was NOT allowed inside! Unfortunately, the little kitty was attacked by a larger kitty and the neighbors brought him up one night all bloody and off to the vet and $100 EC later, we have an indoor kitty named "Sam". Anyone who knows us, knows Graham and I are the furthest thing away from cat people......but the weird thing is that we are all liking this new family member. He is definitely a distraction. The neighbors have agreed to own him after we leave this month.

We are 2 more sleeps away from having Graham's folks here. We have been "X'ing" off the days. We have rented a car and we are all excited about having the freedom of wheels and being able to see the whole island! We are going to go see the chocolate factory, the Mona Monkey's, the waterfalls, the beaches and of course "ARTEMO". We are in desperate need of this visit, it will lift our spirits and it will nice to be in vacation mode for a bit.


  1. How can you leave poor little Sam. Take him with you, he would probably love the boat and will also love Toronto. As for the other ill fated pet with many legs, yuk, I would sleep with the lights on from now on.

  2. That looks like the same creature as what was on survivor last night. And it was poisonous...OMG I would be so freaked out. I was just worried about spiders and snakes man you have to be worried about more then that dont you!!!Hope your company doesnt find anything hahah! Its so nice that you get some company and that you will be able to rent a car and see the sights. HAve fun thinking about you all Trese